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Kaila Strong answers: “How much is enough to be successful with content marketing?”

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Today’s question is: “How much is enough to be successful with content marketing?”

The first way I want to answer this is to really think about what success is to you. What are your goals? How are we going to measure those goals? Are you looking for leads? Is your goal traffic? Is your goal search engine rankings? What is the real goal? That will really help you to be able to figure out wither or not your content marketing plan is successful.

Then you have to figure out what types of content are going to be right for your particular industry. Is a free guide going to work? Is a blog post going to work? Is video? Is an infographic going to work? How are we going to measure that with Google Analytic’s or with ranking tools or however you are measuring your goals? Then you just evaluate each particular content piece and if it fit your goals and if it reached those particular milestones you wanted it to fulfill. If it didn’t, then reevaluate. Maybe the piece of content wasn’t the right way to do it. Re-purpose that piece of content; if it’s a blog post maybe try a free guide out of it or a video. Maybe that will resonate better with your market and then you can determine wither or not you were successful with your content marketing.