content-marketing-boosts-businessInvesting in content will help your business. I can say that with conviction because I know it to be true. Statistical data proves it.

A well-planned and diligently executed content marketing strategy can bring you more meaningful traffic – in other words, more visits from more people who are more likely to buy from you.

A good strategy should include an understanding of the value of evergreen content, application of some sensible SEO tips and the use of different content promotion tricks. Take the time and the care to do it properly and you could soon be seeing the kind of results I can show you below.

More visibility on search engines

With a content strategy that supports the core keywords for your business, you will see higher rankings in search results. In this client example below, the client’s website rose from a sub-20 position for a top search phrase, settling in the number one position on Google UK.

More referred traffic from other websites

In the case of this same client, we saw a year on year increase of 150 per cent for referral traffic, thanks to a dedicated content marketing strategy. Quality articles become shareable on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Also, some articles picked up links on other blogs or websites.

The above graph shows referral traffic to the client site in April 2013, compared with April 2012.

Better quality traffic, thanks to quality content

The content marketing strategy for this client led to a year on year improvement in the quality of engagement on the site. Not only did overall visits increase by 69 per cent, the number of pages viewed per visit increased by 40 per cent.

The above graph shows traffic in April 2012 from organic searches, compared with April 2013 for the same client.

More customers returning to your website

A website that never changes often fails to attract people back to the website. Once customers have looked around and read everything, they don’t return for a long time. Fresh, regular content encourages them to re-visit, as you can see in the graph below, which shows the number of visits from returning visitors, compared with a year earlier.

Key components of a successful content marketing strategy

  • Publish quality content on a regular basis
  • Ensure content is optimised with images, to increase sharing potential
  • Create articles that answer customers’ questions
  • Optimise content around top search terms for your business
  • Promote your content across social networks
  • Create content for other websites, to gain links and brand mentions