Google Chrome Apps to Help with Data Visualization and Content Marketing [Good for Beginners]

It is all about how you deliver your data nowadays. Designing creative message delivery methods can help take your content viral and create a buzz in your community.

A couple of months ago, I conducted a pretty basic reputation management study in attempt to gather information about how people treat reviews and the star rating system. I shared this study with individuals in the online reputation community and asked for their input. Below are a couple of screenshots from my study:

The most common “criticism” of the results I shared was regarding the way I displayed them (below is one of the few tweets I received letting me know this). Let me tell you what I did wrong and what I could have done differently to help get my message across clearer.

First, here’s what I did wrong:

I felt then and I feel now that studies like this are crucial in attempt to understand consumer behaviors and how marketers and business owners should adapt and shift some of their resources. The concept was there, the study group was there (small at the time), the response was there and the results were in.

Now it was time to present my findings. I did this in the most simple way possible and exported generic graphs with no real descriptions or explanations of what my readers were looking at. This happens with lack of patience (trying to rush the idea) and / or the lack of design and development knowledge or the lack of resources. If I were to get more creative with my presentation, the chances that it would have been shared by those that I shared it with would have most likely increased drastically.

Secondly, here are some Google Chrome apps to help you with data visualization:

If you don’t use Google Chrome, I highly recommend giving it a try. If you do use it, you are familiar with their vast collection of applications. Below are a few that can help you with data visualization and your content marketing strategy:

Prezi: Prezi is a cool, easy-to-use “pan and zoom” visualization tool. Whether you are pitching a new idea or company or looking for a cool way to display results of a study, Prezi can help you present information to your audience in a unique way. Prezi gives you the option to import media and present your presentations both on and offline. Below is a Prezi created for Mainstreethost:

Pixton Comic Maker: Pixton Comic Maker is an online comic maker. Choose from a number of characters, scenes and objects. Insert speech bubbles to convey your message to your audience. Comics are another unique way you can present information and/or data to your targeted audience. Below is an example of a comic created with Pixton Comic Maker:

4spmap – Foursquare Maps and Statistics: this is a cool Chrome application that can help you create visualizations to complement certain studies and presentations. This application allows you to visualize your personal data, friends’ data, venues and check-ins and a number of other common Foursquare data. Below are a couple of screenshots from this application:

These are just a couple of easy to use tools to help you share your information in a more visually friendly way.

To summarize, I encourage you to get creative with your data and your delivery. The days of basic content marketing strategies are long gone and have been replaced with videos, images, infographics, slideshows, comics and so much more. Your overall message is still as important as it’s always been so be sure not to dilute your message with over-the-top graphics and hard to follow charts. Put yourself and your staff to the test and let the creativity flow!

Stay tuned for follow-up posts on this topic (view original post here).