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Do you realize that the first Star Wars movie came out in May 1977?

If that doesn’t make you feel old, do you realize that the last prequel “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sithcame out in 2005?

That’s seven years ago!

Have you ever wondered how Star Wars continues to be popular with another generation of kids?

Well, I’ll give you a hint. It hasn’t happened by accident.

It’s come from a well-planned strategy and an important part of the strategy involves content marketing.

Compound Content Marketing

It’s a content marketing strategy that I call “Compound Content Marketing.” Let me give you some examples of how Lucasfilms uses content marketing and then I’ll explain more about “compound content marketing.”

First of all think about it.

How did George Lucas promote the three newer prequels? He used content marketing!

He re-released the original movies in digitally restored and remastered versions with some additional CGI scenes of Yoda and Jabba The Hut.

Is that a genius move or what?

He re-released content he’d already created and made money off it AGAIN, all in an effort to promote and market new content he created.

When Star Wars Became Unpopular

Do you realize there was a period of time when Star Wars wasn’t popular? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

In a newly published article on called “How ‘Star Wars’ Seduced Another Generation Of Kids,Alan Greenblatt reveals that “Star Wars” actually lost popularity for a period of time.

He then explains why and how Lucas has used content marketing to keep Star Wars fresh for each generation.

Greenblatt says, “In part, that’s because the books and video games have been carefully targeted at fans of different ages. New content also helps keep the brand current. There was a period during the late ’80s and early ’90s — between the release of the two film trilogies — when Star Wars toys wouldn’t sell.

“Lucasfilm and its many licensees have since been clever about renewing interest by bringing out new story lines through books, games and cartoons. ‘You do need new entertainments, you do need new events that keep people engaged, or, in some cases, introduce it to a new generation,’ Roffman says.”

Lucasfilm’s Expanded Universe Of Content Marketing

Lucasfilm continues to keep people engaged through a complete expanded universe of content creation and content marketing. This includes content created by George Lucas and also content created by others (with Lucas’ oversight and permission).

This expanded content universe includes:

The Power Of Compound Content Marketing

Do you see how each of these things promotes the movies? And do you see how the movies indirectly promote each of these “content systems” in the Lucasfilms expanded content marketing universe?

The compound effect of it all is amazingly powerful. The net result continues to propel Star War’s popularity and fill George Lucas’ pockets. Your’e probably thinking, “Yeah, but this is George Lucas! Can other people really apply similar content marketing strategies and see results?” Let me give you two examples and prove to you that regular people can use this strategy.

How Two Authors Did This

In 2005, a journalist named Stephen J. Dubner and an economist named Steven D. Levitt co-wrote a best-selling book called “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything.But they didn’t stop there.They used the power of “compound content marketing” and have gone on to build their expanded content marketing universe. This includes:

Are you still thinking, “Well yeah, but those are authors. Oh course they can do something like that!” Ok, fine. Want another example? How about a more common business? What about a neighborhood vitamin store? Is that common enough for you?

How A Vitamin Store Owner Did This

There is a vitamin store near me that’s called “Apple Health Foods.” It’s not just a popular local store. It’s is one of the most successful vitamin stores in Northern California. The owner David Stouder is a very smart business owner.He used the power of “compound content marketing” and has built his own expanding content marketing universe. Here’s what David Stouder has done:

I hope that relieves any doubts you have. If a journalist, an economist, and a vitamin store owner can all use the power of “compound content marketing,” then anyone can.

Even you. As Yoda said, “Do or do not… there is no try.”

May the force be with you.

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