Randy Frisch, ABM content

Content marketing and ABM are often seen as opposing strategies. Content marketing is designed to attract as much inbound interest as possible, while ABM is designed to proactively go outbound to break into a defined list of target accounts.

However, some of the smartest companies have found a way to marry the two powerful marketing ideas, resulting in not only an increase in high-quality leads but also better engagement with their target accounts.

One of those companies is Uberflip, which is why in today’s vlog, I asked Randy Frisch, the Cofounder and CMO, “How do you leverage content to engage your target accounts?”

He offers some great advice about how to deliver personalized content, then gives an example. Enjoy!


Brandon: So how do you use content to really engage you target accounts? Hey everyone, Brandon Redlinger here, Director of Growth at Engagio, and that is the question that I posed to Randy Frisch, the Cofounder and CMO over at Uberflip. He gives a great answer and includes an example. Here’s Randy.

Randy: It’s a great question, Brandon. Let’s dig in here. So first of all, when we think about ABM, I think a lot of us get stuck at the top. We’re trying to figure out how to identify what are those target accounts, how do we expand that list once we know who the right people are, and that’s a really important part of it, but you can’t just stop there. You can’t have your target accounts and assume they’re going to come to you, right?

So we have to find ways to engage the accounts that we want to go after, and content is one of the most natural ways to do that, whether we’re talking about your marketing team doing it, or whether we’re talking about your sales team doing it, or whether we’re talking about intense, hockey theme song.

Alright, so Brandon let’s give you an example. Let’s say you’re going to do something like read targeted ads, or you’re gonna empower your sales team to actually send emails to some of these top accounts. What we want to do, we want to engage them, but we have to make sure that when they click that CTA, whether it’s a link in an email, whether it’s our paid ad, whether it’s some sort of hockey music that we’re looping them in with, that when we do that we drop them in an experience that feels personalized.

Remember, we’re targeting these accounts, and they now expect that experience.

It’s like Spotify. It’s like Netflix. It’s like Amazon. All these places we go to, they’re catering to us as consumers, and we’re selling to consumers, even if we’re B to B marketers. So what we can do is actually find the right content by first aggregating the content, second is organizing the content with really strong tagging mechanisms in your organization, and third is building out these personalized experiences so that you can capture the attention and keep them engaged.

All along this you want to make sure that you’re funneling all that information back into your marketing automation platforms and the other systems of record so you know what’s working for your accounts. Charge!