OutBrain recently released an update to their  Content Discovery and Engagement Report.

The original study was done in Q1 and the update is for Q2.

Top 20 Traffic Sources to Content Pages

1 Google
2 Yahoo
3 AOL/Huffington Post
4 Facebook
5 MSN*
6 Drudge Report
8 Outbrain
9 StumbleUpon
10 Twitter
11 FoxNews.com
12 reddit
13 MediaTakeOut
14 Fark
15 Slate
16 Comcast
17 NewsNow.co.uk
18 Wikipedia
19 Digg
20 Real Clear Politics
*Includes Bing

Key changes
AOL moved up from #5 to #3
Facebook moved from #11 to #4 – that’s quite a jump from April to August.
StumbleUpon entered the list at #9.  Hello StumbleUpon!  I mentioned the power of SU in a recent post and I urge you to include it in your content and news planning.

The original study found that social media was referring 7% of traffic to content, and the update now shows it has doubled to 14%!