Hiring a ghostwriter doesn

There is a common misconception among B2B business owners that I want to clear up right here and now:

You can’t do content marketing (e.g. create and maintain a blog, send marketing emails or participate in social media) if you dislike writing and you don’t have an employee that can do it well.

I call foul!

If I wasn’t under non-disclosure agreements, I would share the names of several big businesses and popular bloggers who do not write their own material, nor do they have staff that does it for them. They hire copywriters – ghostwriters, really – on a contract basis to write their marketing copy and content.

Yes, It’s Okay to Delegate Things You Are Good At

Even if you are a decent writer and you enjoy writing your own blogs, emails and even website copy, that doesn’t mean you always have time for it.

The bigger and more successful your business gets, the more you need to focus on your zone of genius – that is, the things that only you can do – and delegate the rest to other people.

When your business is growing, you flat-out don’t have time to do everything yourself. So delegate the writing.

You Don’t Have to Hire Staff

Delegating doesn’t always mean hiring staff. You can hire contractors for one-time jobs, big projects or ongoing work. That’s the great thing about hiring contractors – you can customize the relationship.

For creative work like writing, it’s always good to build a relationship with one or two contractors, rather than hire a different contractor every time. Working with you over the long haul gives the writer a chance to get to know you and your business better, which cuts down on the discovery and requirement analysis phases of each project.

Your Audience Won’t Know the Difference. Really.

Many businesses are afraid that if they hire a copywriter on contract, the writing won’t match the business’s voice or brand. Do these two things and put those worries aside:

1) Hire an experienced, skilled copywriter (NOT from a content farm or cheap-labor site). A quality copywriter will be able to mimic your voice, so your audience won’t know it’s not you writing

2) Provide topics to your copywriter, and ideally some initial research as well. This starts the writer off on the same page

Put Your Name on It With Pride

Yes, to answer the question I know you’re thinking, when you hire a contractor to write copy for your business, most of the time you still put your name on the finished product. There are sometimes exceptions in the case of blog writing (you are free to give the writer a byline, should you so choose), but most B2B copywriting is ghostwriting.

When you hire a copywriter as a ghostwriter, expect to pay them well because:

1) You are going to put your name on their hard work

2) They cannot disclose to the public that they wrote the piece, which limits their ability to showcase their own work to other potential clients

When your business reaches the point where you are running out of time for your own marketing and you have to start focusing more on your particular zone of genius, it’s time to bring in some help. There is no shame in hiring someone to help you with your copy and web content – even if it is something you’re good at and you enjoy doing. After all, if you hire a skilled copywriter, the public won’t know the difference.