Great fashion photography transforms clothing into fine art.

For the past century, magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Vogue have spawned iconic images through editorial spreads that are celebrated not just for the knockout outfits they contain (which most of us can only dream of owning) but also for the stories they tell. Such shoots don’t merely catalogue upcoming trends; they ignite an emotional connection between the reader and the product.

Ask any fashion enthusiast about their favourite editorial and, chances are, they’ll be ready with a list. It could be the Arthur Elgort image of a model diving into a pool (decked out in couture, no less) for Vogue. It could be Patrick Demarchelier’s ‘Meet me in Havana’ shoot – featuring Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss frolicking through Cuba – for Harper’s Bazaar. Whatever their selection, for one reason or another – the setting, the model, the clothes, the story – these images leave an impression.

As the publisher of CRYSTAL magazine, Edge knows all about creating compelling, luxury photo shoots. Each issue of this inspirational title contains two high-end spreads, showcasing fashion and accessories from leading international and Australian designers. Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Armani, Balenciaga, Prada, Burberry, Bulgari – we work with them all, telling stories that will magnetise our audience.

Produced out of Edge’s Melbourne office, CRYSTAL is a platform for the sometimes-overlooked talent of local creatives: jet-setting photographers, sartorially brilliant stylists and models who are no strangers to the catwalks of Milan and Paris. Combine this with exotic locations, intricate staging and a whole lot of hard work, and the result is some pretty spectacular pages.

In the case of photo shoots, creating great content is about speaking a visual language. Discovering a setting that will suit the look of the magazine. Anticipating forthcoming trends. Staging shots that will evoke feelings of desire in the reader. And conceptualising a story that will tie all these elements together. In the words of American photographer Ansel Adams, “you don’t take a photograph, you make it”. And that’s just what we’re doing at Edge.

Published by Beth Anderson- Editor at strategic content agency Edge. We help clients achieve their brand and marketing objectives by telling brand stories and using deepening customer relationships using engaging content.