There are very few areas of business practice that are changing as rapidly as Search Engine Optimization. Agencies that are dedicated to providing SEO services constantly have to analyze and re-assess the way that they work in order to provide the best service for clients. As SEO is changing so rapidly, it is only the agencies that are following each and every SEO trend with minute precision that are able to stay ahead of the curve and remain profitable. While link building and bookmarking may have been priorities a couple of years ago, in 2014 the focus of SEO is placed firmly within content. Never before has the “Content is King” mantra been more relevant, and this is why every SEO agency needs to recruit a content manager.

If you have confusion about the numerous Google algorithms and don’t know your Penguin from your Hummingbird, the most important thing that you can take away from the Google updates is that content needs to be at the heart of every SEO strategy.  Google wants its platform to act as a solutions provider for real problems; it wants to be able to answer questions for real people. This means that the days of keyword stuffing are long gone. In order to boost the SEO profile of a website, that website must now be truly useful for real people. The best way of proving to Google that your website is a useful and engaging resource is to create completely original content. Spun articles are a no-go, derivative content is part of SEO history, and keyword stuffing could actually be harmful for your SEO campaign.

If content is truly king, is it not enough to outsource work to a writer to create a few blog posts? Unsurprisingly, the world of SEO is just a little more complicated than that, and this is why the content manager role is more important than ever. Creating content is one thing, but in order for content to contribute in the most positive way to an SEO campaign there needs to a be a content strategy, a content plan, content creation, and a methodology for making sure that your content reaches an audience and that your content offering can be scaled up over time. When you begin to think of content within this context, content requirements suddenly seem much more involved than outsourcing a few blog posts.

One of the most important reasons to hire a content manager for your SEO agency is because content marketing is a long term commitment that requires a specialist and dedicated resource in order to see results.  There is no longer any quick fix for SEO campaigns, and agencies promising overnight results might as well be promising the moon on a stick to their clients. A content manager can see a content marketing campaign through from strategy right through to reporting, and they will be able to apply consistent work processes over a period of months in order to implement a content marketing campaign that actually and demonstrably improves SEO performance.