“If people like you, they will listen to you. If they trust you, they will do business with you”

Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

A well-designed, effective Content Strategy can drive brand engagement, credibility, and ultimately preference. The fastest growing brands today know how to use digital content experiences as an accelerant.

Slack grew to become a $1 billion company in just two years (and continues to grow today). Infamously doing so without a sales team but curating an impressive Twitter Wall of Love in the process.

Casper shook up an industry that few could have imagined was ripe for “disruption” by bringing the product direct to consumer and building a brand around digital content experiences.

When it comes to content marketing, within the breadth of tactics and depth of strategy these and other accelerated growth companies have applied there is one tactic every business can adopt: Grow and develop a culture of content creators. Behind every effective content strategy is a group of talented content creators.

Build it into the hiring process. Look beyond the usual suspect business functions for creatives and empower them with tools to tell your brand story at-scale. Whether you are building a team of 5, 500, or 5,000 – content can be a growth engine for your business.

Who Is a Content Creator?

In a traditional sense a content creator can be, say, a graphic designer, copywriter, or video producer. But, a product developer could also keep a rockstar profile on Dribble. An operations director can also have a talent for video art direction. A project manager can have an impressive social media following and a penchant for creating witty GIFs. A business can tap into the creative content skills and collective audiences within the workplace and encourage a “content culture” that propels business growth.

Content Creators as Brand Ambassadors

Internal content creators can be a growing brand’s best growth engine. One of the challenges a business faces is generating credibility and awareness of a product or service. Content strategy is in many ways the solution. When building a network of content creators within a company, enable these people to be employee brand ambassadors. These are the people who can directly impact your brand credibility and awareness by creating compelling content and amplifying authentic stories from within your business. This can be particularly impactful when customers’ preference is largely influenced by perceptions of a brand as these relate to their own personal values, interests, and aspirations. More often than not content that influences isn’t selling a product. It is selling an ideal. Influence is about value, not just the story you are selling.

The value that your brand, product, or service stands to offer will ultimately attract your customers.

A compelling brand story will galvanize them.

Your company’s content creators will be stewards of that story and advocates for your customer as they adopt and adapt the story as their own.

What Can Content Creators Do For My Brand?

  • Tell authentic stories that generate brand awareness and credibility
  • Develop workflows for centralizing content creation that can scale as the business grows
  • Champion the customers’ experience be engaging with them through content and social media
  • Define and evolve the authentic brand voice

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