the grinchThe Grinch is an iconic figure for many of us who grew up with Dr. Seuss. Even younger generations are entertained by Jim Carrey’s version of this wildly famous villain, as Dr. Seuss stories seem to transcend the age gap. So what was it that prompted such adoration of the Grinch? Was it that “his brain is full of spiders” and he has “garlic in soul”? Was it his passionate distaste for Whoville’s holiday celebration?

The truth is that the Grinch is an endearingly peculiar character whose descriptions continue to spark the imaginations of millions. Stories are much more interesting with a signature antagonist and a little suspense. Let’s take a look at what made us fall in love with the green monster whose “heart was two sizes too small” and the lessons he can teach content marketers.

  • Be Endearing but Different. The Grinch immediately sparks curiosity in his audience because he’s different from the Whos of Whoville. As a content marketer, your competition is Whoville and your goal is to be the Grinch. I’m not saying steal gifts from your competition, but do something different with your content to highlight the reasons why you stand out from the competition. Are you engaging your audience with video, a podcast, or e-mail marketing campaign? Remember to grab attention first and then hold your readers’ interest with quality content.
  • Let Your Content Spark Imagination. The Grinch was a visually interesting character that captivated audiences everywhere. But were the graphics in 1966 so fantastic that this was accomplished by art alone? Not hardly. Throughout the story of the Grinch, the character is expertly described in a manner that sparks the imagination (and sometimes induces nausea) which helps the audience visualize the bigger picture of this future holiday hero. Does your content uniquely describe your brand?
  • Add Suspense. Most people are excited by the promise of something significant happening in the future. Adding an element of suspense to your content will keep your readers coming back to see what happens next. Don’t believe me? Ask the Grinch.

The Lesson Here Is…

Content marketers have a lot to learn from characters like the Grinch about how to make content appealing, desirable, and exciting. The Scrooge-like villain of Whoville used peculiarity to seamlessly reel in fans by adding an element of surprise to a well-written story. As a result, the Grinch is a widely loved character that continues to win over the hearts of children during the holiday season.

Which of these tips can you incorporate into your content?