If you are still struggling to find a right mix of creative and effective content then you are at a right place. Read on to find out how engaging and interactive content helps brands present a persona across social channels.

brand your content

We all know that social media is about nurturing connections yet very few have demystified different facets of social media. Managing a brand or persona is not that easy on social media where audiences and their preferences keep changing according to time and mediums. How should one, in such cases chart out a strategy to effectively communicate with the target audience? Well, the answer is ‘content’.

Content beyond activities

The most effective yet underestimated tool vis-à-vis paid promotion is content. Neither is content recognised nor is it given an opportunity to organically spread and become viral, thanks to the competitive algorithms of different social media platforms. Some brands use it for broadcasting messages and others as a medium to create pseudo-image. And sometimes the reality gets lost in the digital titbits like an activity or a contest. Any social media marketing activity has to revolve around the pan-image of the brand that has been created. Contests and activities are tools of engagement not survival!

Content that identifies

We all live in fragments and it becomes easier, as an audience to connect and identify with media characters but as a marketer it becomes difficult to create such acceptable media characters. I do not suggest we toe a social fiction line knowing very well that our audiences are not ready for it. Brands and self-branding advocates can create a unique voice and an exciting storyboard that resonates with their target audience. I personally liked Hawk Funn but as a marketer one cannot ignore budgetary constraints!

notty facebook

A brand can always create a character that connects to its audience and then start conversations. Don’t we all love stories in one form or the other? This character does all the talking, trolling and mimicking. A character has more scope of acceptance, as it is like us, more human and more real. Notty Pixy, created for Sony Pix by Tonic Media is an excellent example of a social media character.

Notty is an outgoing, cool socialite, giving out Hollywood news on Twitter and Facebook. What’s more? She is like any other person a little bitchy, sexy, smart, savvy and good conversationalist! Well, the Local Banya with his mooch is yet to come all out and social, and impress busy men and women with his grocery tips-n-tricks. We shall wait for him.

Content that interacts

Apart from an identifiable character it would also be good to have a weekly bucket of interactive content, as interaction and engagement tend to create more impressions. This content can vary from questions to polls and votes to opinions. Check this persona-centric page called God on Facebook. These experiments work well if you are a blogger or brand associated with publishing house or media.

A tight-persona centric content also needs to give space to the audiences to interact in form of likes, comments, RT’s and stars! I would also like to add @bollywoodgandu for his clever tweets based on two popular themes Bollywood and Indian politics. His naked sarcasm comes out best in the testicular fairness cream video that has got more than 3,00,000 views. So popular did it become that Huffington Post did a video blog on the same. This cultural mishmash and flux is what comes about best from a persona who knows how to present it and at a right time! The spoof and meme-element is another way of creating, exploring and experimenting with content. Till the time it’s politically correct.

Curated or user-generated content

UGC content most of the time works only when there is a strong cause or belief behind starting a social-media entity. The one I stumbled upon was an interesting page called Lose the label. The page was a reaction against a few who labelled kids with Down syndrome. So Mara’s mother started a page and asked parents to contribute pictures of kids with Down syndrome.

The voice reached many and pictures started pouring in, images changed from one child to another but the strong messaging (first person narrative) remained the same. The page statistics 4,740 likes and 3,989 talking are amazingly good and the cause too!

mara fb page

To conclude, it is always good to share trivia, facts or some kind of authentic content that is in-sync with your brand persona. For example if you are about to launch a mango candy you would like to explore our cultural past and come up with game, app, contest or content ideas that revolve around the playful activity that kids do when they go to their native or capturing the sheer pleasure of plucking unripen mangoes in form of pictures and presenting a UGC photo-blog. Another one can be a napping moment beneath those huge trees during summer vacations.

Content as such is very flexible and at times can be very dynamic. It just needs to be creative, original and engaging no matter in which form it is published in. What are your thoughts on social media content? Are you experimenting too?