14587591863_4054f74ffe_hHave you ever sat through a presentation or read a piece of marketing collateral (an email, blog post, ebook, etc.) and thought to yourself, “This makes no sense to me”? When I find myself in this position, I don’t tend to stick around for too long, choosing instead to find an expert who speaks my own language.

Sadly, too many marketers are so absorbed in their own little worlds that they fail to remember that they are not marketing to their colleagues, industry peers and fellow experts. As such, they deliver content that is so thick with jargon and industry-related buzzwords that anyone without a detailed knowledge of their product, service or industry just wouldn’t have a clue.

I often wonder if the people delivering such impenetrable content actually know what they are talking about.

Remember: Nobody likes to be made to feel stupid. Because people buy from people they like, it might be time to adjust your language.

When I talk about email marketing for iContact, I am very conscious that my target audience might not be email marketing experts. They are retailers, restaurateurs, publishers, accountants, guest house owners (in fact, they could come from any industry or type of organization) who simply need a great email marketing solution and don’t want to be burdened by a whole heap of gobbledygook.

It’s not about dumbing your content down. It’s about explaining in simple terms what you can actually do for customers, enabling them to make a quick decision about your product or service and whether it will help them become more successful retailers, restaurateurs, publishers, etc.

Here’s where your grandmother comes into the equation.

Whenever you are writing a new piece of marketing content, remember Albert Einstein. As a theoretical physicist, he had a job that would confuse most of us, but thanks to his warm nature, unique style and careful use of words, he opened up the complex nature of his work to a much wider audience.

Einstein summarized the need to keep things simple perfectly when he said, “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”

So before you send another complex email or publish that incredibly detailed blog post, why not run it past your grandmother first?

This abridged post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.

Photo: Spyros Papaspyropoulos