We’ve had Panda, Penguin, and now Hummingbird – Google is naturally continuing to develop its algorithms to weed out dubious content marketing practices. ‘Black Hat’ types who’ve been playing the system have seen their rankings suddenly plummet, showing that you can’t sit back and think one unchanging strategy will get the job done. Even website owners who’ve been following the rules have noticed some differences in the results, as Hummingbird is reported to affect nine out of ten searches.

So what can you do before each update launches to make sure you’re only minimally affected?

The key thing to remember is that when it comes to content, you can’t sit back and let it do the work for too long. Your content and the copywriting on your website have to be relevant, fresh and unique.

The new Hummingbird algorithm in particular places a greater emphasis on the quality of your pages and the words you’ve used on them. SEO keywords aren’t enough – the context and readability of every sentence is important. Whether this means making regular blog posts, giving your webpages a quick update or something else, it’s always good practice to review your site every so often.

Google’s newer updates also appreciate ‘in-depth’ articles with more substance, so if you pride yourself on knowing your industry then it might be time to start telling other people about it. The ideal length for these types of articles is far longer than your average web page at several thousand words – but your readers will generally have a vested interest in the subject matter and be more motivated to read to the end.

Some bloggers and business people already more famous for their contributions are claiming to enjoy better search results for their articles. To boost your own credibility, build up your archive of content gradually yet frequently, and link it to a Google+ account for a little extra help.

Of course, it might be the case that you’d prefer not to do the writing yourself. Content writing is something that we do for our clients every day – get in touch to find out how we could help you.