Let me paint the picture: You have your ducks in a row in terms of your social media strategy, you have hosted trainings on how to engage on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  You have held media training to get your folks PR certified.   But sadly, your employees aren’t making a move. They are stagnant in their day to day routines.  Which is confusing because your workforce wants to be engaged and has been vocal about getting involved in brand marketing and advocacy to help grow reach of the business. Don’t worry, I have the remedy to fix this issue and the answer is: content. Quality content. Fun content. Engaging content. Content that if one of them read on their feed they would instantly share without a second thought.

When I sit down with our customers one of the pieces of the employee advocacy puzzle I like to cover first is that when it comes to sharing intriguing content, it doesn’t have to be company specific. Your friends and followers don’t want to be inundated with content that is constantly about your company, your brand, your company, your brand. They want a variety. They want to be confident that following you means they will receive content that perhaps makes them laugh, brings them something educational, and yes here and there showcases something about your company or industry.  Here are 3 types of content I want to share on a day to day basis, not because I have to, but because I want to!

The story that resonates…

I always tell myself, if my 96 year old grandfather would like this story, it will be one that will register in my content feed. The stories that have depth, the ones that perhaps make the hair on the back of your neck tingle, or maybe even bring a tear to your eye. The content that is moving, powerful and lasting.  While you may be thinking, why would I share a story like this to my LinkedIn feed when perhaps it doesn’t fall into the professional bucket. I can guarantee the content will get traction. We did an internal test last week, posting the article about the boy that was saved from a dog attack by a cat on LinkedIn, and in fact, this was the article that had the most views/clicks that week compared to any other story. So don’t hesitate to showcase content that falls out of the realm of brand promotion.

The story my colleagues are talking about…

I respect my colleagues’ opinions and I value what they have to share. Not because they are my friends but because what they are sharing and talking about are things that interest me, are about my industry, are about the brand I have passion for.  And that is why when we talk about content amplification we know it is a team goal. We are all on the same page. This is the value in an employee advocacy platform. You can curate and see all of the content your colleagues are sharing and amplify that message. It makes sharing content not only easy but fun.

The story that teaches me something..

I can say, with truth and confidence that people who are active on social media want one thing: content that brings them something, teaches them something valuable for their personal lives or for professional development.  Because they in turn can pay that knowledge forward to their following. It becomes a positive domino effect.  Social Media channels have now evolved into the soundboard of education. People rely on their following to bring them content that at the end of the day teaches them something to make their lives better.

So there it is. Content Marketing. Simple right? Content doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be something that brings value to the reader.

So start reading, start creating and  start sharing.

Interested in learning how employee advocacy can amplify your content marketing efforts? Let us know!