When’s the last time you gave?

Towards the end of the year, as the holidays approach, many business owners send out greeting cards, emailed letters or office-appropriate gift baskets.  Not only do these efforts often result in a nice “thank you” note or email, they may result in new business.  If this has been your experience, then your holiday effort has served as a “top of mind”marketing reminder to the recipient of the card, email or gift.

Hmmm…what if, instead of waiting for the holidays, you marketed your business during other times of the year?  A weekly blog post, a monthly client bulletin, a quarterly newsletter, perhaps? Getting in touch with existing clients or potential buyers on a regular basis – with relevant, engaging content – works Better than just a holiday greeting (which may actually get lost in the flood of holiday mail), a consistent campaign of content, distributed to your audience, helps build client relationships and can be beneficial to both the recipient – and to you!

What does your audience want from you?  Here are some thoughtful “gifts:”

  • How-to tips
  • Industry news
  • A personal story – about you and/or your business
  • Service or product discounts
  • Helpful business-related hints
  • Relevant case studies
  • Your review of a new book
  • A video interview with a well-known industry expert

These are just a few ideas for year-round “giving.”  You may find that in business, the more frequently you “give,” in fact, the more often you “receive.”

If you’d like more content ideas, please email me and I’d be happy to send you, free:  “101 Blog Topics.”

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