Content is King. Killer content. Content rules all. I’m sure you’ve heard it all.

So why all this fuss about content? What makes it so important? Are people even reading half the content you create?

To answer the last part, YES, people are most definitely reading all the content you create. Of course, not one single person will most likely view all of our content. However, all of your content will be viewed by many people over time. So you can’t work diligently to create high-quality content for some of your marketing strategy while slack on some content for something else.

The reason being is that you never know which piece of content a consumer is going to view first, or only view. And this answers the other two questions. Your content is so important because it’s your way of connecting to consumers.

Let’s use a job interview as an example. During this job interview, you’re having a conversation with your future boss. You want to present yourself in the best manner possible, so you choose words that make you look intelligent and interview with strong dialogue.

There’s no difference with the content you create for your digital marketing strategy, accept you’re trying to present yourself and your company in the best manner possible to consumers or clients instead of a boss.

This is why content is so important. It’s your way of communicating with people. If you’re lacking on your content, it’s probably not going to give off a good impression to consumers who are viewing your content.

So you need high-quality content, but you also need constant content. Your business is going to go through changes and content will need to be added and updated. What I’m getting at here is that your content marketing strategy never stops. It’s a constant process that starts as soon as you step onto the digital stage. So have an idea or a voice in mind for your content and start there.

If you’d like to learn more, take a look at the short video clip above on content marketing strategy.