written content to write itself

Writing creative content is one of the best ways to bring in leads to your company. It’s also a way to build your brand and network with others in your industry. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your written content to write itself?

Nowadays, companies are handling the content they produce in all different ways. While some are turning to technology to revolutionize the kind of content they create, others are still sticking to old-fashioned, written content. But, just because that written content doesn’t include a video or an Instagram post, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy.

These days, the content we see online is often repetitive. So, if you’re concerned about getting your content out there, especially written content, you may need to go a different direction. Oh, did we mention that these ideas write themselves?

1. Interviews or Q & As

If you want your written content to write itself, then get others to work with you to write it. No matter what you may be an expert in, there’s always more to learn. People like content that can teach them something. Therefore, writing a Q & A article or an interview piece with someone special in the industry (or even a regular customer!) will bring in a lot of readers. And, it won’t take long to write!

2. Make It Skimmable

You probably don’t even need to read this part to know what we mean! Using subheadings to allow content to be read more quickly, is another different approach to written content.

3. Get Readers to Help You Make the Content

Don’t have time to write something? No problem. Let your readers help you make the content that they are looking for. This can be done by incorporating a poll, allowing your audience to share things they like in a forum, or simply posting a video and let the comments serve as the written content.

4. Re-Write Old Pieces

Lots of companies are taking the time to optimize old content instead of creating new content that may not necessarily get read. Work with an SEO specialist to help you go back and make your past content more likely to show up on a search engine.

5. Spend Less Time Researching By Looking At What’s In Front Of You

People are fed plethora of information every second. Whether it’s by scrolling through your news feed, reading your emails, or checking the newspaper or the home page of a blog you like, it’s hard to take it all in sometimes. You may not even realize it, but all that information you’re seeing before you sit and write content may be there to help you. Keep a little memopad with you at all times. Whenever something gives you the sense of, “Hey! I could write about that!” jot it down.

6. Write About What You Know Best

Whatever service or product your company offers, use that to write your content. Why spend time writing about something else? You already have all the knowledge on yourself. If you want your written content to write itself, then write a piece on the service you offer, the competition, what’s new, etc. You won’t run out of ideas.

7. Get Personal

Not finding any interesting facts or new information to write content on? No problem. That means it’s time to get personal. Every so often, write a piece that you can write offline, without any other form of internet guiding you. Write from the heart; experiences, stories…anything that will resonate with readers.

Writing content can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Nor does sharing that content with your followers. Utilizing a marketing automation software like The Mission Suite can help you push your content further, and give you the chance to analyze it thereafter. Request a demo now to learn more!