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Whether you’re a social media manager, director of content, content creator, or the entire marketing department, one thing remains a bit of a challenge: getting your team pumped up to not only share your companies content, but also to utilize social media. With some trial and error I have come up with some ideas that help get my team motivated.

Here are just a few things I do to get my team involved (and tweeting).

Have them start blogging

Each month I meet with every team member (individually) to go over a topic I’d like them (or they’d like) to cover. This is great because it not only gets your team involved and creates more content for your blog, but it also gives each team member a chance to shine. I mean, who wouldn’t want to share something they wrote? Of course, if you aren’t a small company like us, then you might want to consider finding a select few people who could contribute.

Share what’s coming up

Every Monday we have a team meeting to go over the week’s projects and give people a heads up on what’s going on in each department. For me, it’s an opportunity to share what’s going to be published that week so my team has a head’s up and to share some stats on their recent blog posts or how we’re doing on certain social networks. This is great for keeping your team involved in the social media area of things and giving them an idea of projects you’re working on so they can chime in with ideas (if they have any).


Have a workshop every other month

Another good way to motivate your team is to teach some workshops throughout the year. We’ve covered topics like Twitter etiquette and Instagram 101. We’re also going to have a blogging workshop, soon too. By doing this, you’ll help improve your teams social media status as well as inform them of how important these social channels are for your company.

Ask for their opinion

Don’t be afraid to pull a team member aside and ask their opinion on something you’re working on. Whether it’s a new Instagram video or a creative way to send things to your clients, because you never know when a good idea might come about by asking for a team members opinion. However, since you are the one in charge of all things content related, be sure to be the best judge when it comes to changing things around.

Be excited

This is a big one. If you are not excited about what projects you’re working on or about social media, then how can you expect others to be excited as well? Now, this doesn’t mean you wear an “I love all things content” t-shirt while live tweeting your every move. It does, however, mean that unless you can motivate yourself, don’t expect to motivate others.

Of course, every team is different and what works for my team might not be that motivational to your team, so you’ll want to test the waters with some of these to see how well they fit before officially jumping in.