We get it: Each piece of marketing content you create takes valuable time, effort, and money to get it just right. So, whenever possible, you should focus on repurposing this content to build larger campaigns—instead of creating “one-off” assets. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your marketing materials by repurposing your content into captivating videos, engaging graphics, and more.

Breathe new life into whitepapers and blog posts

These two content types can often inform each other—as you can easily create whitepapers out of blogs posts and vice versa. If, for example, you have a series of blog posts around video marketing, you can incorporate them into a larger asset. Just be sure to tie these different pieces together in a cohesive way, and provide additional value through inserting new content. This may include survey data, relevant customer stories, worksheets, or checklists. Similarly, if you’ve created an informative, long-form whitepaper, consider how you can pull out valuable nuggets and build upon them to create standalone blog posts that can increase your reach via social and other channels.

Ready to take this content to the next level? Consider how you can turn your written assets into videos. Take the following steps:

  • Dive into your analytics to see which blog posts are performing best—and which gated assets are driving the most leads.
  • Refer to the results to create a list of video projects you’d like to launch, and prioritize them based on your company’s current goals and objectives.
  • Determine which video format would work best for each initiative (i.e., interviews, talking-head videos, or graphic videos).

Once you’ve taken the steps above, you’ll be ready to kick off each project, which will involve choosing talent, writing scripts, and aligning on a production schedule. Overall, transforming your written content into videos will empower you to reach (and engage) new audiences—and boost your ROI. In fact, according to our 2018 Video Marketing Survey, 76% of consumers report purchasing a service or product after viewing a video.

Get the most out of your industry research

Have you recently conducted industry research? These stats and insights can drive a variety of different assets, including:

Data reports: Dive into the full survey results and what they mean for the industry by calling out key themes. You get bonus points if you can create these reports on quarterly or annual basis—as doing so helps to establish your brand as a thought leader.

Infographics: Choose one of the overarching stories found in your results and tell that narrative through highlighting a few key data points with engaging graphics.

Whitepapers: If the data corresponds with topics you will be discussing in one of your upcoming long-form assets, incorporate charts and graphics with corresponding stats that further your thought leadership.

If you really want to take this content to the next level, turn your valuable data into engaging video assets. Doing so will maximize your exposure and boost your ROI. Consider creating:

  • Longer videos that give an overview of the results as a whole
  • Shorter clips that highlight a particularly important theme or trend (and can be shared on social!)
  • Graphic videos that present statistics in a visually engaging way

Turn your videos into (more!) videos

When you kick off a new video project, be sure to think about the big picture. Instead of just planning for the one asset, consider how you can leverage the footage you shoot or graphics you create in other materials down the line. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

  • Live streams: Will you be live streaming interviews at an upcoming industry conference? Consider which footage could be leveraged to create video on demand (VOD) assets and plan out your questions accordingly.
  • Event footage: Shooting some b-roll of your annual company event? Be sure to collect some footage that isn’t too timely or specific to this year’s theme. That way, you can incorporate some shots into your promo materials for next year’s event.
  • Promo videos: Creating a video to announce your latest ebook, whitepaper, or larger campaign? Cut a series of shorter clips that you can incorporate into your social calendar over the coming weeks.

Whether you’re writing a new ebook or launching a new data report, there’s no question that creating compelling, engaging content takes time, effort, and expertise. Don’t waste your valuable assets by creating one-off pieces of collateral. Incorporate video into everything you do to maximize your ROI, boost your exposure, and take your marketing campaigns to the next level.