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This is the final post in a three-part series

Mobile shoppers made roughly $36 billion worth of purchases on smartphones last year. Even more astounding, 95 percent of Millennials plan to use their smartphones to shop this holiday season. This isn’t a stat you should take lightly.

Millennials, those 80 million Americans between the ages of 17 and 35, outnumber Baby Boomers and have more than $200 billion in direct spending power annually.

Content marketers who aren’t already using mobile marketing in their holiday content marketing strategy need to make adjustments, and fast.

Calendar Updates
Everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there are several other important days in the retail industry in November and December. Sending out a text reminder before and on each of these days is a simple way to adopt a mobile marketing plan this holiday season. Here are a few dates to keep in mind.

Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday, promotes people purchasing gifts from local retailers. Last year, shoppers spent $5.5 billion on SBS.

December 18, also known as Free Shipping Day, is another day to mark on the calendar. Major retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Elizabeth Arden and Bass Pro Shop, give shoppers free shipping on all purchases made that day.

Last Sleigh Day refers to the last day an online retailer will guarantee you’ll receive your purchase by Christmas. This can range from December 19 to 21, but make sure to send out your text alert on the last day shoppers can make a purchase from your site.

Industry-Specific Tips
Another idea for text notifications is sending out industry-specific information. If you’re in the retail industry, you can send out a text with advice on the best products to buy that week. Home goods are usually on sale in early December while clothes get marked down later in the month.

You could also text your followers when you publish a new blog post or to offer an exclusive coupon. Try to time these texts to major shopping hours (think Saturday afternoon) when consumers are already in shopper-mode.

Productive Downtime
Nearly 30 percent of shoppers use their smartphones to visit websites. I can’t stress enough how crucial it is for your site to be adapted for mobile.

Shoppers report using their phones to compare prices, find products and read customer reviews, but there’s also another major use for phones in stores – killing time while waiting in line.

Whether they’re camped out waiting for a store to open or standing in the check-out line, people who are bored most commonly turn to their phone. Consider adding something to your (mobile-friendly) website, like a game or puzzle, that will keep followers on your site instead of sending them to a competitor’s.

Shopping days are ticking away. If you haven’t already adapted your content marketing strategy for holiday shoppers, it’s not too late. Make sure to read the first two posts in this series to learn more about holiday email marketing and social media tips.