Having worked both in-house and agency-side, I’ve found myself working across a pretty wide range of marketing channels, for some pretty fun brands. I’ve worked on big budget TV adverts, through to the creation of character standees for games retailers. I’ve organized booths at international Toy Fairs and I’ve even devised P.R. stunts to promote giant bouncy balls! I’ve slowly come to realize that the child in me is still innately drawn towards having fun. I also love continuously learning new skills and I have made it my mission to try and do both throughout my career.

You could call me a professional fun advocate and the way I see it (in these politically trying times), that’s no bad thing! After all, most people are at their most productive when they are happy in their work and I am no exception to that rule! It would be fair to surmise that I have succeeded in having a lot of fun in my career so far. However, one thing’s for sure, of all the areas of marketing I’ve worked on, content marketing has provided me with the necessary stimulus that I crave. And, as the need for good quality content marketers continues to grow, I thought it might be helpful to share my top 3 tips for having fun and being productive, whilst making top notch content!

  1. Host a news hour

The world of digital marketing never sleeps. There’s always something new and interesting to discover and it’s vital that you do! But remember, your team will be finding it just as tricky to keep up with the constant updates as you do, so once a week set an aside an hour to share specific industry news and content marketing updates.

With every new platform update, try and consider the engaging content opportunities that it could present to your brand, then bounce these ideas around the team to see what they could grow into! Depending on the resources you have available, try and test the best ideas out! This will result in a more productive and engaged team, and hopefully your new collaborative content ideas will be pushing some fun and exciting boundaries too!

  1. Attend industry events

With a bit of luck, if you are in Marketing/PR then it’s because you are a people person. A great way to have fun and maximize productivity is to attend industry events where you can meet with other marketers from complimentary companies that you might be able to do some cross promotions with. Simply lay out what the potential benefits are for both sides and see if they are keen. You’ll be surprised by how forthcoming brands are to share content, especially on social. This simple outreach technic is both fun and will help to give your content additional exposure, giving you more bang for your content creation buck. If you need some more ideas on this, check out my previous blog where I attended a Ski industry event to do exactly this.

  1. Write creative and engaging blogs

Blogging has numerous benefits, both for your brand and your brain. It forces you to research interesting subjects that might be of interest to your customer so that you can blog in an informed and engaging way. This in turn brings you closer to understanding your customer – rule one of marketing! And, in addition to driving inbound leads, blogging can be a really fun, rewarding and a creative outlet for us marketing bods!

So, what are you waiting for, get out there, release your inner fun fiend and see how productive you can get!