Bored Dog

Image Credit: Grumpy.Dang

Online businesses tap into the forces of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing in getting their message across their consumers. For years now, creating a visible online presence through organic search has been the weapon of choice for industries that belong to boring niches. Insurance, loans, staplers, crowbars, hairpins… the Internet is overpowered by sales pitches from these businesses, making them unappealing in the eyes of [information] consumers.

If you’re unaware with the latest on search marketing, Google launched Google Panda to weed out low-quality content and directories . It was a lose-lose situation; article marketers had to adjust in writing the content while brainstorming for strategies on how would they get the content published without angering Google’s gentle mammal.

Thankfully, Google Panda does not know ancient martial arts.

Quite recently, Google launched Google Penguin and by this time, the social media giant worked to clean up search results from manipulative sources that have been detected from participating in suspicious link schemes. Truthfully, boring niches that rely on quantity SEO were mostly the victims of Google’s barrage of algorithm changes, putting them in a position that no online business wants to be in.

Content has quickly changed, and users are influenced with content that goes beyond the norm of basic understanding. For example, that Nikola Tesla comic on Oatmeal re-shaped the Serbian-American inventor’s image while also speculating the role Thomas Edison had in the creation of the light bulb. The lengthy strip generated a response from Forbes, forcing Oatmeal to fight back and highlight erroneous statements made by one Alex Knapp.

Whenever your published material gets attention on sites like Forbes, you know you’ve done something so magnetic that people start to talk about it and eventually share everything they’ve digested via social media. The social sharing trend is getting a lot of buzz, and businesses from all industries are re-tooling their content marketing strategies to attract customers and establish authority from sites that do not shy away from endorsing content that are a far cry from Internet junk.

There’s No Such Thing as a Boring Niche

Content Creativity for Coat HangersThose entrepreneurs who say that they have a boring niche are either unexposed to the wonders that the Internet can bring or are just too plain lazy to conceptualize something that has never been done before. Take a look at this one.

This image first appeared on Hanger World, an e-commerce site selling coat hangers and objects that have something to do with laundry. The message is very straightforward, Keep Calm and Hang On.

According to the site’s manager, the image generated conversions back to the site, including a spike in web traffic, purchases, social media exposure, and inbound links.

Thinking outside-the-box is a requirement in creating stuff that disturbs attention, much like this one. Creativity should be involved in the process, and coming up with something creative takes consistency and collaboration of marketers with extraordinary senses and award-winning ideas.

Don’t Start with Social Media, Social Media is Climax

One novice mistake that content marketers commit consistently is the lack of social media execution. Creating an attractive Facebook page isn’t something that will sell your business effectively. Should harmonica retailers immediately go on Facebook and aggressively pursue a strategy that will entail thousands of Likes? Should crowbar salesmen go on Twitter and disrupt the flow of conversation by trending the word crowbar?

Social media isn’t the starting point in creating awesome content. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest serve as the finish line to content that have traveled miles of rigorous conceptualization. Instead of pouring resources and time on crafting the ultimate Facebook page, why not invest in content that will appear and eventually trend on everyone’s news feed?

What’s that, you own a store that sells harmonica? How about creating a historically accurate documentation on why prisoners often play the harmonica in popular culture. Going door-to-door selling crowbars? Create a blog that features alternative uses of crowbars. Or better yet, experiment on objects that can make the crowbar an effective tool for breaking into houses, I mean, removing nails on planks and post weird findings on your blog a la Mythbusters. Think Dead Rising, too!