SlideShare, a social network for sharing slideshow presentations and other text-based content, has long been one of the most undervalued and underutilized tools in the content marketer’s arsenal. SlideShare boasts a massive audience (60 million visits per month) and relatively weak competition from other B2B firms, allowing those few firms that do use it correctly to quickly gain a competitive advantage in their online marketing efforts. B2B marketers have caught on to this only recently, prompting industry leaders to christen SlideShare “the biggest opportunity in B2B content” and “the sleeping giant of social media.

So why have firms been so slow to jump on the SlideShare bandwagon while other social outlets (looking at you, Facebook) have already been saturated to the point of bursting? 

I think part of the problem is that busy professionals simply don’t know where to start or what to share. It’s also possible that they assume creating SlideShare content requires too much time.

Let’s take a look at five types of content your B2B firm can share on SlideShare. I bet if you really try, most of these can be online by the end of the day!

  1. Educational Slideshows: Slide presentations that inform and entertain your target audience are the bread and butter of content marketing on SlideShare. These presentations should be short enough that your audience can view them during their morning coffee, and they should help solve a problem your prospects typically share. The best presentations feature eye-catching graphics and multimedia and avoid mind-numbing bullet points. Consider asking a graphic designer or your marketing professional to help you create a visually stimulating presentation.
  2. Old Presentations: Have you ever spent hours pouring your soul into PowerPoint to get that presentation just right? Then, you give the presentation, everyone loves it, and after that day it’s never seen again! Don’t let your hard work waste away at the bottom of your documents folder. With a few tweaks, almost any old slide presentation can be repurposed and shared with a massive new audience on SlideShare.
  3. Firm Overview Slides: Many firms have a general set of slides that introduce the firm and its people. Adding these to SlideShare is a perfect first baby step because the slides are probably already made and ready to go. Pro tip: If your firm serves several sectors or practice areas, segment your audience by creating a unique set of slides for each department.
  4. Brochures and Service Sheets: Be honest, how many people have actually looked at your service sheets in the past month? I’ve known way too many companies whose expensive, fancy brochures are either sitting on a shelf collecting dust and/or hiding somewhere in the dark recesses of their websites. Put them on SlideShare and let them be found by the network’s massive audience. Another pro tip: After adding your service sheets to SlideShare, you can post them to the summary section of your LinkedIn profile for all your connections to see.
  5. White Papers, eBooks and Other Reports: If your firm publishes eBooks, white papers, or other industry reports, SlideShare presents an opportunity to reach new readers who may otherwise never see your content.

SlideShare presents the rare opportunity for B2B firms to share content with a massive audience that is relatively unreached by other marketers. The five types of content above will allow your business to create a strong presence on SlideShare using knowledge and content that is likely already at your disposal.

Has your firm shared content on SlideShare? Tell us about your experience with the tool by commenting below!