7071545621_1c0e40613d_zStyle is something that comes and goes, and then comes back again. Some styles can be seen as classic, while the majority are simply trends.

Shutterstock created an infographic of what they think to be the top creative trends in 2015, and we have whittled down their list to our top five. With the list of trends below, a few have been around for several years and others are quite new. What we do know for sure is that we love them all right now, and will have to let you know how we feel about them in five years.

Blurred Backgrounds

With DSLR’s as the go to choice for amateur photographers and professional corporate video companies, obtaining that desired look is a breeze. This trend has been around for a little while, and do to it’s ability to draw attention to the subject matter, we anticipate it being a long lasting trend.

Linear Graphics

This trend is one that is popping up not only with flat linear styles of websites, but also with animation. The infographic style of animation lends itself well to this trend. It is a great style for easily explaining virtually any subject matter in a quick and cohesive way.

Unique Perspectives

I think everyone is a little sick of the bland old corporate videos that were once popular. Today corporate production companies are constantly trying to push the limits and re-define what corporate video can be. Filmic techniques such as aerial videography has become more popular and for a good reason it’s awesome!

Long Shadow

This graphic style is not new but it is cool. It’s on the list because it is still a trend in the case that it might not be around forever. You will find it used with logo designs, animation, and graphic depictions.

Double Exposure

This is by far one of my favorites. It has to be used in the right moment though, and to express a certain emotion. It shouldn’t be something that you throw into a video or use as a photo for no specific reason. Figure out where it makes sense and wow your audience.

Image via Flickr