Content marketing professionals are always on the lookout for online platforms where they can interact with their target audiences and influence their opinions. Quora has emerged as one such platform, where engaging conversations take place. These opportunities can be leveraged by the marketers to spread their word out to the world. However, very few people are actually familiar with the wide array of opportunities available with Quora and therefore aren’t able to use the platform to its fullest potential.

This article will highlight those hidden opportunities and tips on how to utilize Quora to its fullest extent.

Discovering topics of interest and needs

Quora is known as a question and answer platform with a difference. It has introduced many features, which make it more engaging and reliable than some of the similar sites like Yahoo Answers.

For example, if you want to answer the queries that are related to your niche, you can find those, using the search field available on top of the page. You can type in the related keyword in its search box. It will then display certain related topics or questions already available in its database. Find the closest one matching your requirements and click on it.

The drop-down menu offers you the related topics and questions on Quora

The above screenshot shows how Quora suggests related topics and questions as a drop-down menu when we insert a keyword in its search field. These are smart inroads into various activity hotspots and conversations within Quora.

Topics on Quora

If it’s a topic, you’ll find the “feed” with questions related to the topic below. Click on “Follow Topic” button on the right side of the page and you will regularly receive its feed on your profile page. You’ll also find similar questions and related topics below this button, which will help you to refine your search further.

For example, here is an interesting article about popular blogs and resources to learn PPC and Google AdWords:

8 PPC Blogs You Need to Eat for Breakfast.

PPC on Quora is one of the resources mentioned in the article, which offers mind-blowing information about SEM, Google AdWords, and Pay-Per-Click. The topic has more than 30,000 followers.

Furthermore, the questions on Quora are asked by the users themselves, so it’s time-saving for the marketers to answer the “real” queries of people rather than shoot in the dark.

Using queries to get ideas for content development

You can also use these queries to formulate content ideas on how to present your content to drive maximum engagement on other platforms. These ideas can be used everywhere ؅— on your blog, videos, infographics, presentations, and other content formats.

Using Quora Blog

Apart from question and answers, you can also start your own blog on Quora that would give you, even more exposure. Click this link to know how to start a blog on Quora.

Google loves Quora answers

Apparently, Quora offers no SEO value, but Google still loves Quora answers so much so that some of the answers published on the platform consistently appear on top in Google searches with the related keywords.

Finding people on Quora with similar interests

You can find and add your Facebook friends on Quora. On the top right corner, find your profile button alongside your picture. A drop-down menu will appear; click settings> Account Settings> Facebook> “Find Facebook Friends”

You can easily find people on Quora with similar interests and follow them. This way you’ll get access to more interesting conversations taking place across the platform.

Here is a list of people you can following according to the topics:

Starting conversations about your business, products and services

Once you find interesting conversations relevant to your niche, you can start participating there. You can start with educating, entertaining, and offering useful information to your readers about your niche and how your products and services can address their pain points and add value to their lives.

In-depth, detailed, unbiased and educational answers bring maximum value for the readers and such answers also generate qualified leads. The stats mentioned by you should be verified through reference links and data. Don’t use the platform for blatant promotion and link building; rather focus on the value offered by your answers. Increase the number of followers and build a community on the platform.

You can also submit questions to know the pulse of the market or initiate a conversation around a topic in your niche.

Start your company page

You can also create your company page to improve your brand’s visibility. It’s similar to creating a personal profile as Quora doesn’t give you the option to create a company page specifically.

Example: Reliance Jio Infocomm’s company page

You can use this space to start a FAQ section about your company and its products and services. Most popular inquiries should be covered first. This serves as your cornerstone content outside your main website. It will also serve as a source of long-term traffic as its content is likely to rank high for targeted keywords.

Useful facts about Quora:

Quality answers lead to more views, more followers, and more engagement and it helps in achieving better conversion rate.

Quora offers free Analytics which can be used to improve your campaigns. Traffic through Quora can be found under “Network Referrals” in “social” in “Acquisition” in Google Analytics.

Here is an interesting article on how to use Quora for marketing from How We Use Quora For Lead Generation and Marketing Software Services

Three hidden gems

  1. Content marketing tricks using Quora

    The best way to use Quora for content marketing is not to give a complete answer on Quora itself. It can enhance your authority and personal brand on Quora, but it would not be taken as an intelligent decision. The best way is to give readers a teaser, bits of useful information followed by a backlink to your own website or blog for further information or complete answer.

  2. Don’t forget to hit the social buttons

    Sharing your answers on social media brings better visibility to your Quora answers, so make maximum use of the auto-sharing option. It will also help in SEO and better indexing of your content by Google.

  3. Ask specific questions to know the pulse of the market

    You can ask questions to update your knowledge on a specific topic. You’re likely to receive some of the most qualified answers. Furthermore, specific and intelligent questioning will also lead you to get the pulse of the market.

You can see that there are vast opportunities for marketers on Quora. You can use these selectively according to the stage of your buyer’s journey. By consistently participating on platforms like Quora, you slowly build your brand identification and earn customer loyalty. You can also counter negative rumors about your brand and dispel their doubts bringing prospects one step ahead in the sales funnel.