The Best Content Management System for Your Online BusinessWhen you manage a blog, it can be a challenge to keep it regularly updated and error-free without falling behind. That’s why many online businesses use a content management system (CMS) to help with all of their web site material. If you’re thinking of incorporating a CMS into your online business, here are four criteria to consider to help you find the ideal CMS for your online business.

1.  Design Options

When you start to shop around for a CMS, you’ll quickly begin to notice the difference in appearance. For example, a quality CMS has a variety of templates that can be used for web site design services; you’ll have a choice of interfaces for everything from newsletter and catalogue design to poster and exhibit sign design. Be sure to find a CMS that offers a design that compliments the services or products you offer; one that is clean enough to highlight your content, while also being intuitive enough for your potential clients to easily navigate through pages.

2.  Publishing Tools

The means of publishing materials, whether created in-house or by content copywriting services, often differ from one CMS to another. However, these differences are subjective and come down to personal preference; you may find one easier to operate than another. That’s why, if possible, you should attempt to test multiple content management systems to see which one you find easiest to use.

3.  Update Methods

As time passes, your business—and your CMS with it—will need to change. That’s why a good CMS will be able to receive updates to correspond with changes in technology and the business world. Ideally, a CMS will update automatically, but there may be several that require you to download and install the update yourself. If you’re a bit forgetful, you may want to opt for a CMS with automatic updates or, at the very least, reminders of when an update should be initiated.

4.  Mobile-Friendly Access

Many quality content management systems are now mobile-friendly. While making changes from a smartphone might sound unappealing to some, the ability to perform landing page optimization and other major tasks no matter where you are is a valuable asset that can’t be overlooked, especially if something urgent arises. If you’re tech-savvy enough to conduct your business from your smartphone, this feature may be worth considering.

One final tip is to always avoid using a bootlegged copy of any software, especially when it comes to your CMS. These copies are inherently untrustworthy—you cannot know for certain what you’re getting and that could mean a virus that could bring down your entire business. When conducting business online, legitimacy is key, so be sure to use a legal copy of the CMS you choose.

This article How to Find the Best Content Management System for Your Online Business was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.