Every business person wants sale of his/her products to keep on rising; all of them want to attract the maximum visitors to their websites to get converted into buyers. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have great content, which both helps sales go up and converts website visitors — and it’s great for SEO. At times, content is akin to magic; good content spreads the information pertaining to the product/service like nothing else can; it helps to draw traffic to the site. In short, it helps achieve business goals. But how can one define what great content truly is? And how does one produce such content?

That’s the 64-million dollar question!

You’ll find millions of content on the internet and they all read alike! Exceptional content is tough to produce and as the importance of content marketing grows, it’s getting tougher by the day. In this post I will attempt to answer this question and explain how you can produce extraordinary content that will help you attain your marketing needs.

Basically, content must be aimed at your customers or the people at large. You must provide answers to their requirements. This may sound simple but it’s a pretty difficult thing to do. Let’s examine some factors that go into producing truly great content.

  1. Keep track of the presence of your rival’s website! Some people may term it as not being ethical. But all’s fair in business! You can use this controversial way to improve your content –It’s very profitable for your business and beneficial to your customers that you learn what your business rival is doing and improve upon what he/she does. This is great for SEO objectives: you can place your client’s business in a new, rewarding light. If you do it right, you can also make use of your competitor’s inadequacies to your advantage. You can get to know some of your audience’s needs through comments. But your comments should not be restricted to just your website. They must be threaded onto various public forums and a large number of websites. You can also make use of discussion boards which are full of people’s requirements. You can get great content ideas from these comments. You just have to utilize your creative juices to get hold of the right ideas.
  2. A survey is considered to be boring stuff that people quickly move away from without even giving it a glance. However, surveys can be useful sometime. They can provide you with vital, target tips if you conduct them in the proper way, after doing much research. The best way to go about it is to include all related surveys in your search. Scan the internet and all other media for surveys that will help you conduct one in the best possible manner. Generally, most people who answer surveys are serious about what they say. So you can get authentic ideas about what you must include in your survey.
  3. Making use of keywords is an old but useful method but optimum use is still not made of it. Google Trends can give you an idea about what people are interested in. You can choose common keywords that are related to your field and see what’s trending. You directly won’t get ideas for your content, but the data will help you move ahead and help you to spot precise keywords and thereafter, ideas for topics for your content. Google’s Related Keywords is a terrific tool to commence content research. You can do some initial research on long keywords and if the signs are favorable you can start building your content. Google Adword will help you discover what people are searching for. Always go for long keywords; short ones won’t lead you straight to subject ideas, long ones will. You may find a group of keywords from which the entire strategy for your content can be crafted.
  4. Social networking’s the ‘in’ thing today. Social media sites are the number one places to express personal opinions and views. If studied properly, they can give you a fairly good idea of what people are looking for and thus give you great ideas for your content.
  5. If you are opting for Twitter, then “#hashtags” are a great place to begin. Specialists in your line of business will definitely participate in conversations on this site which can help you get specific ideas for topics that will suit you.
  6. Go for brand pages on Google+ and Facebook to interact with audiences there at the highest level. That can lead to comments whereby people clearly state their demands. Make optimum use of this and you will land up writing content that aims perfectly at your audience.
  7. If your client is manufacturing a product then there’s bound to be a forum, along with support pages which are related to the product. These are precious sources for content: from there you can learn specifically the needs of the target audience. One may ask, if a support page already exists, will it not be a repetition of the forum? In reality it won’t. Support pages are neither intensive or exhaustive and sometimes not very friendly. A support forum will help you to create content that is clearly aimed at the end-user.
  8. Markets which are generally product-oriented make use of e-commerce to sell their goods. What you can do is to inspect websites where related products are being sold. Here you can examine comments and reviews and get to learn the buzz around those products. You are bound to find good tips, suggestions that will interest you and insights into the product. You won’t get this sort of info anywhere else. So why not classify this kind of information and then wrap it up into a terrific article that will lead your users into making the correct decision?

Summing Up

Remember, it’s the users who matter. So, try and put yourself in their place; try to think like them; get to know their likes and dislikes. When you are fully equipped with all this information you will know exactly the needs of your users. Then you can write content that fulfills their requirements. It doesn’t matter if your content is long or short or even dull: It should serve a definite purpose and be valuable. Your brand and your income/profit depend on how you appreciate your users’ wants. So track these down in the best way before piecing your content together.

In this post I have summed up best practices for getting good content to convert visitors into customers. I hope you will appreciate it. I will be happy if you send me your feedback via comments.