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If you’re an avid content marketing aficionado then you’ll be wondering what the secret juice is that makes content marketing experts tick.

The truth is a portion of hustle and a lot of consistency, a flair for creativity and these 6 expert content marketing tips!

I recently decided I’d love to find out the biggest content marketing tip from some of my favorite bloggers on the net. So I asked them!

Many of them were kind enough to reply despite their busy schedules, I’m here to share their wisdom with you today!

P.S: I will add your tip into this blog post if you leave a comment and it’s good enough. All you have to do is leave the backlink you want in your website field and I’ll add it in. Let’s turn this into a comprehensive ‘one big tip’ content marketing resource! Once I have enough data I will collate it into a nifty infographic! Nifty!!!

Listen To These Guys:

Because they have a much bigger audience than you!

Me: What’s your one big content marketing tip you’d like to share?

Jon Cooper – PointBlankSEO

Use the link graph to figure out what works. There’s a reason that Google uses it in order to better understand the Web, and few content creators really use it effectively. Find the most linked to content in your industry, and figure out as many similarities as possible; do they seem to be themed around a certain sub-topic in your space? Are they interactive in some way? Were they featured on a few more prominent blogs to begin with, and then landed more links as a result of that exposure? All in all, there are a ton of questions you can ask, and a lot of conclusions to be made.

Brian Dean – Backlinko

Here’s what most people get wrong about content marketing:

Most people think hitting publish is enough to get social shares, links and referral traffic.
The truth is, unless you already have a massive following, you need to hustle
to get the word out about your content…even if it happens to be amazing.

But how?

I’ve had a lot of success with email outreach. Yes, it’s old school. But it works.

The key to email outreach is to identify people that would actually enjoy reading your content.
Throw Twitter followers or Domain Authority out the window. Just find people that are interested
in that topic (a simple Google search will usually hook you up with hundreds of potential targets).
Then, email them a link to your content.

Don’t ask them to share it or link to it. Just show it to them. If they like it they’ll share it and link
to it in a future piece of content.

Peter Attia – CucumberNebula

I think my best content tip is on the blog side, as this seems to be where a lot of companies struggle. Instead of trying to create “great content” (which is much easier said than done), find established bloggers in your niche and pay them $X per post with the stipulation that they must share it on their social networks. That way instead of building a following at a painstakingly slow pace, you can immediately put your content in front of an interested audience. This gets you immediate shares, follows, signups, etc. It also leaves you with little commitment, because if one blogger doesn’t work out, you’ll have other bloggers still generating content. The same can’t always be said if you lose an in-house copywriter.

John Lee Dumas – EntreprenuerOnFire

My favorite content marketing tip is to always bring it back to your avatar. Your ability to create quality content that is relevant and to be desired by your avatar will make (or break) your content marketing strategy. If you’re creating content that doesn’t serve and provide value to your avatar, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract and engage with a much larger audience.

Always ask yourself if the content you’re distributing is what your avatar wants and needs.

Ramsay Taplin – BlogTyrant

One of the coolest things you can do with content is direct readers to an outcome by really narrowing down what you want them to do. For example, if I want people to start a blog I’d guest post or advertise in relevant places and direct them back to some super useful content like my post on 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog in 2014.

Or, if you have an eCourse for your mailing list about dog training, go out and produce content around the web that reveals tips and ideas that will get people interested in that eCourse. When they get directed over to your landing page or blog you would have done a lot of the pre-selling already.

Andrew J. Coate – Kapost

Be digestible. Lee Frederiksen of Hinge Marketing wrote a great piece for us about the psychology of successful content marketing and in it noted “If you can make the complex seem simple, people will see you as an expert.” Put thought into how information is distributed these days – in small bits through social, email, etc. We’re all distracted people.
If you’re creating something big, you have to make an effort to break it down into pieces that demand your audience’s attention quickly and make them want to absorb more.


1. Find out what’s popular and how people like to digest this content, then do that.

2. Hustle. Outreach to influencers in your industry.

3. Pay someone with influence to create content for you and get them to share it as part of that agreement.

4. Create content your audience actually want.

5. Direct people from your external content marketing efforts into your funnel, do this by directing all these sources to a single relevant piece where you have a specific goal/s in mind for the visitor when they reach the page.

6. Break down content into small and digestible, but attention grabbing pieces.

What’s your one big content marketing tip? Let me know and I’ll add it in!