The business world is moving faster than it has ever has done before; it is simply your job to keep up with it and what is revolving around it. As a business owner you need to make sure that your brand is on point at all times so that the competition does not out race you to the finish line. How might this be done? Well there are a number of ways, for example it could mean making sure your website is running at optimum speed, or devising an app, or even just looking for avenues to get masses of people talking about your brand through effective content marketing. In short, there are a number of ways but what you need to remember is this “Every Moment Counts” – look away for a few seconds and you just might have missed your opportunity to strike.

Social Incentives And Loyalty

If social media was not around who knows how the world might have turned out. We are living in the age of social media and it is not disappearing any-time soon so utilise it in the right way as a tool and it can have a very profound impact on how aware people are to your brand and how loyal they become.

Social platforms are seen as a great way to drive customers to your website; so in order to do that, a potential customer must be presented with incentives to do so. Do remember that the mind of an internet user moves very quickly and behaviour changes a click of a button – so if they sense they have nothing to gain, or they cannot access your website product or offering then the will just bounce away and this is not something you want to witness in real time Google analytics. As with everything, every moment counts even in social media!

If you need a few incentive ideas on how to stop your visitor bouncing around then here are a few examples of incentives when it comes to utilising Facebook as a social marketing platform:

Provide value – What do your customer’s want? By assessing what your customer’s needs are, you can provide them with something to quench their thirst. Voucher codes, backstage passes and other incentives give customers a reason to keep checking in.

Referring a friend – ‘The word of mouse’ is truly the new saying. Create a campaign which invites users to share the campaign through Facebook in order to receive something back (like a 2-4-1 voucher). Sharing can be beneficial for both user (reaping the benefits of the voucher) and business (creating ripples of brand awareness within the social media sphere using Facebook).

The Content Marketing Buzz

Creating buzz, or going ‘viral’, is one of the hot phrases of the last few years. It doesn’t take long for a campaign to get picked up on the internet, especially ones that invite discussion of a said brand. Just look at when McDonald’s Canada invited questions regarding their food not long ago; 10,000 questions were answered by the fast food conglomerate, sparking discussion through Facebook and Twitter and as a result people were forced to use their accounts in order to ask a question.

Charity Cancer Research has launched many charity giving events and fundraising campaigns to raise donations and fund research, and their latest marketing campaign entitled “Every Moment Counts” is an emotional but uplifting piece of content produced to raise awareness and does this effectively. The campaign encourages members of the public to share their experiences of cancer in the medium of pictures which indicate moments in their life which matter to them. This kind of  video content does make you want to share it amongst social networks to help spread awareness because it can help others survive like the people in this video. If you have not seen this video as yet, take a look at “Every Moment Counts” below:

Mobile Website Craze

It’s a fact that many people use their smartphones to access websites. However, websites have not been typically designed for mobile devices. So if you have not done so already, make sure your website is as easy to access and read as it is on a computer or laptop. Adapting to the current mediums of marketing is vital for any business; otherwise you will deter a huge number of customers who expect something more advanced. Stay on top of your website by either simplifying your website through using a free or low cost mobile-site-design service, or even better rebuild your entire website with the terms ‘adaptive’ and ‘responsive’ design in mind.