No one will remember today’s headlines tomorrow, but everyone will remember the relevant stories. As you continue to invest in content marketing, consider opting for evergreen content. Just like the latest headlines, timely content pieces will grab attention now but will soon be forgotten in the flurry of content marketing activity. With evergreen pieces, you can ensure that you get the greatest ROI for your strategy.

How Evergreen Content Works for Your Brand

Timely pieces provide a temporary boost in targeted traffic. Timeless pieces provide a long-term approach to content strategy. Similar to SEO, evergreen content takes advantage of the larger arch of consumer interest. Unlike timely pieces that eventually lie dormant in the belly of your blog, timeless content can consistently be revived into the forefront of focus.


The stats displayed in the image above stress how evergreen content sticks around and increases your voice in the online atmosphere. By consistently tweaking and updating evergreen content, you can keep it fresh and ensure that it always speaks to today’s consumer. So what are the other benefits behind evergreen content?

  • High quality. Timeless pieces tend to be higher quality than those that are timely. This is what gives them their staying power and gives you a reason to get noticed. If a piece is intended to be evergreen, it must be truly valuable to your readers. Even if it doesn’t attract substantial views the moment it’s published, a post that is high in value will generate traffic in the long term.

  • Canonical. Unlike normal posts, evergreen content is your brand’s definitive stance or post on any given topic. Think of it as a mini-white paper that is in-depth, detailed, and more valuable than your non-evergreen content. The result? Higher search engine ratings. Remember, Google is consistently re-evaluating its algorithm to give consumers the most valuable and optimized content possible.

  • Improved conversions. Evergreen content has a tendency to boast better conversion rates than timely pieces. The high quality and canonical nature of the piece naturally has a strong effect on potential consumers and continues to work for you long after you publish it.

With so many benefits behind evergreen content, it’s no wonder that more brands are embracing it. Of course, though, a solid content marketing strategy will have a healthy mix of timely and evergreen content. By combining both forms of content, brands can take advantage of the benefits that both have to offer and enjoy the strongest content marketing strategy possible.

Is your brand investing in long-term content?

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