Is content marketing as effective on your bottom line as you had expected it to be?

There has been some recent research that says businesses will be increasing their budgets in content marketing in 2017.

At the same time, many businesses are not sure or confident of how effective content marketing actually is on their bottom lines.

It’s an interesting dichotomy.

If you bother to create content into 2017 and beyond, why might it work or not work and help improve your bottom line?

As Mark Schaefer shares in his book “The Content Code”, so much content is created in one day that it is overwhelming. For any individual person, there just isn’t enough time in a day to consume it all.

We are experience information and content overload.

If so few people are going to see your content (i.e. a text blog, video, podcast, etc) why bother?

If your content is going to get discovered, break through the noise, and start working in your favor you are going to have to do something few are not doing.

You must become relevant to your audience.

In a study done by IBM in October 2015, they concluded that nearly 80 percent of consumers feel that the average business doesn’t understand them as an individual.

Stated simply, the business is only interested in pushing sales for their revenue.

To overcome this and learn how to be more relevant to your audience, visit the Begin Here page and learn more about how your message is vital to breaking through the noise and clutter.

Marketing is a Holistic Experience

For too long, businesses and marketers have seen the online and offline world as two distinct and separate things.

In the video above, I shared with you a strategy on how you can think about maximizing your offline experience with your online opportunities.

Here is a hint… your content validates you.

Check out the video above.

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