writing to increase conversion rates through e-mail newslettersWhen it comes to making your content equal money, there are many ways to use writing to increase conversion rates.  One of the most common ways is through e-mail newsletters, but that doesn’t mean you should just whip up an e-mail and send it to everyone on your subscription list.

In order to get the most out of your e-mail newsletters it is important that you structure them in a reader friendly manner.  Audience is key when writing to increase conversion rates. And an e-mail newsletter should be organized in a way that encourages your customers to open it, scroll through it and then make purchases!

Subject Line

This is the first thing your subscribers see, so you want to make it pop.  That doesn’t mean use all caps and seventeen different symbols, it means it should contain some phrase or bit of news that catches their attention.

It is also beneficial if your subject line includes a call to action.  For example, “See What Product is at the Top of Gift Lists for 2012.”


The first things your readers should see when opening your e-mail newsletter is an informational subheading and introduction.  Imagine that your subject line is a newspaper headline, and the first two sentences of the e-mail are the subheading.  They should give a brief overview of the entire newsletter.

After this subheading, include an introduction to your readers.  Acknowledge them somehow; thank them for opening the e-mail or welcome them to your newsletter, for example.

Bullet points

The bulk of the information you plan on including in your newsletter should be structured around a series of bullet points, or alternatively, a numbered list.  Internet users are famous for their habit of scanning rather than reading, so this will be the best way to encourage them to absorb information.

Call to Action

Just like your subject line, the end of your newsletter should include a call to action.  This can be anything from sending readers to your website or to a specific product page to asking them a question and encouraging them to respond with their thoughts.

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