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Any company that publishes its own original content will know that, whether you outsource its creation or write it in-house, there is always a time and/or financial cost involved. The frustrating thing for many businesses is that, once the initial content promotion has taken place, very often that content will disappear into a black hole, only to be found if someone genuinely hunts it down.

As with any marketing activity, you want a decent ROI on your content. You need to make sure that it works hard for you over as long a period of time as possible so here are 5 ways you can ensure that your content does just that.

Break it down! (I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere?)

So you know that fantastic white paper you wrote a few months ago, well pick out a particular section and write a blog post about it. Include examples from certain industries so that you can target it towards different audiences. You could even run a series of 4 or 5 posts, linking to the white paper ‘for more information’ at the end of each piece.

Turn a case study into a lesson for all

Have you helped one of your customers solve a particular problem lately? If so, create a ‘how-to’ guide – could be a blog post, a video or even a Google+ hangout – detailing what the problem was and how they can overcome it if it happens to them.

Dig out your presentations

You must have plenty on file, presentations you’ve slaved over for hours that you’ve used for customer days, seminars etc. Well, take out as much of the self-promotional bits as possible, make sure it’s educational, record a voice-over and get it on your website and You Tube (now the 2nd biggest search engine!).

Grab a camera

That series of tips you ran last year, grab yourself a camera (or even a high quality phone these days) and video a different employee explaining each one. Then publish them on your website and You Tube as 30 second videos. This is also great for welcoming people into your brand.

Keep old content alive by linking to it from current content. A good idea though is to update any old content first, maybe by replacing examples with more recent ones and referring to more recent news etc.

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