Gmail Priority InboxA solid email marketing campaign can engage a business’s target audience, build brand awareness, and keep customers in the loop about your company. Hundreds of man-hours are put into developing and implementing a solid email marketing campaign and generating compelling content. Is all this hard work now lost to Gmail’s inbox cleaning spree? Maybe not.

The Breaks

Late last May, Gmail’s new inbox management system was released in full swing and now graciously sorts incoming email into three categories: Primary, Social, and Promotions. Many Gmail users are rejoicing about this new method of email delivery as it brings the most important emails to the forefront. Two months after the rollout, however, some savvy business owners and marketing professionals are left feeling a bit slighted with a noticeable decline in opened emails.

Does your content really belong sandwiched between the newest sweepstakes and credit card offers? We don’t think so, either. Let’s look at three ways to help content get noticed by users of the new Gmail.

Make Your Content “Primary Tab” Worthy

Gmail’s new Primary Tab has become the content “hot spot” – where all the cool content wants to be. The Primary tab is the first thing Gmail users see when they log in and often the last thing seen before signing out. It is simply the best home for stellar content. But, is your content “Primary Tab” worthy? Creating compelling content on a daily basis is one of the best ways to engage an audience and increase email visibility. Even if a daily email is simply a re-cap of recent blog posts or the latest news, maintaining a dialogue with clients through email remains one of the most effective forms of marketing. The more interesting and useful, the more likely readers will stay captivated.

Ask and Ye Might Receive

Simply sending a strategically placed email or two asking readers to “drag and drop” content into their Primary tab has thus far been the most effective way to get content noticed. Adding a link to Gmail instructions or, better yet, a screenshot, helps make this process easier. If readers don’t have to hunt for information they are more likely to follow through with the request. Additionally, many businesses are posting a “special request” on their blog or website.

Cross Promote Your Request

Chances are your readers have “Liked” you on Facebook, followed you on Twitter, or subscribed to your YouTube channel. Connecting with readers through many different avenues is often the best way to make sure content gets read. By reaching readers through various channels, businesses can guarantee their content, and request, is seen.

The good news is that Gmail users now have an easier way to control their inbox and prioritize the information they want to see. Taking these three steps is the best way to help readers conclude, “Wait, I want to see this every time it arrives, I’ll move it to the Primary tab!” Ahh… success.

Has your business seen a decline in opened emails since the new Gmail inbox arrived? What are you doing to ensure that your emails get read?