Have you ever seen the TV show, “Hoarding: Buried Alive?” If you haven’t, you need to finish reading this blog, shut your computer down, throw yourself onto the nearest La-Z-boy, and turn on TLC because you are missing one of the most mindlessly addicting experiences in all of basic cable.

Now, those of you who have seen “Hoarding” know it’s about people who find themselves awash with lots and lots and lots of stuff. They have so much stuff because they just don’t know how to separate “good stuff” from “bad stuff” and all the stuff piles up uselessly as a result.   Some stuff is awesome—like the classic car one man buried under 30 years of junk. Some stuff is garbage— like one couple’s massive collection of… you guessed it… garbage. Some stuff is just repetitive—there once was a little old lady who owned 6 microwaves.

Are you an online content hoarder? The life of a hoarder is hard. And I know, because I’m a hoarder myself. I hoard social content.

I need help conquering the mountain of social content I’ve amassed. Marketri’s Google Reader account has piled up thousands of articles from hundreds of bloggers on dozens of topics. Furthermore, my “Favorites Bar” has bookmarked a menagerie of links so imposing that I’d need the Dewey Decimal System to catalogue all the content I’ve saved.

Some content is awesome. Some content is garbage. And some content is just repetitive.    If you’re anything like me, you need a tool to organize content so that it can easily be referenced and shared with an audience. Scoop.it is that tool.

What is Scoop.it? Scoop.it is a content curation tool that allows you to organize only the best online content into engaging, easily shareable “online magazines.”

Within Scoop.it, users create categories called “Topics”, and they curate their favorite articles, photos, and videos related to those Topics in one easily accessible place. Topics can be about anything: your industry, your favorite sport, your dog, or anything else that strikes your fancy.                                            

A Scoop.it user and her topics.

A Scoop.it user and her topics

Once curated, content appears as a photo with a descriptive blurb beside it, making it incredibly easy to find the exact piece of content you’re looking for. This format also makes your Topics extremely engaging to others who may view them.                    

 Inside a Topic: An “online magazine” displaying curated content 

Scoop.it makes curating articles incredibly easy by offering a number of channels to gather information:

  • Scoop.it will crawl the web for content related to your topic and suggest the pieces most relevant to your interests.
  • You can find content directly within Scoop.it by searching the thousands of Topics and articles that have already been curated by other Scoop.it users.
  • You can manually import new content simply by cutting and pasting the link.
  • If cutting and pasting makes your fingers tired, the Scoop.it Bookmarklet allows you to curate any content on the web with just a single click.

How can Scoop.it make content marketing easier?

  • Scoop.it will help you establish thought leadership in your field by connecting you to relevant content and to people with similar interests.
  • Scoop.it allows you to find and organize the best and most relevant content, providing you with an excellent foundation for future Tweets, social shares, and blog posts.
  • Tweeting directly from your Scoop.it account will bring people into your online space rather than sending them to a third-party blog. When people click on a link from Scoop.it, they’ll be brought to your Topic, allowing them to find further information you’ve curated and keeping their attention focused on content you’ve shared.
  • Scoop.it can act as a social content hub, allowing you to send content across the web in one click while keeping it organized and easy to find.

If you’ve used Scoop.it– or plan on using it after this– we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! If you don’t plan on “Scooping it” anytime soon, please share about YOUR favorite content curation tools. You can comment below!