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If you have been around this site for any period of time, you know I think that Walt Disney, and now the Disney Corporation, are content marketing pros.

Well, today I have another content marketing lesson for you from Disney.

On Saturday night (6/16), I was flipping through the channels and landed on ABC (Remember: Disney owns ABC). And guess what they had on? They were airing the movie “Cars” on network TV for the first time.

Why were they airing it? In case you wondered, it wasn’t just for fun.

It was a brilliant content marketing technique used to promote “Carsland” at California Adventureland (Disneyland).

How do I know that’s what it was?

  • Before they went to the commercial break they showed clips of kids riding the new rides.
  • They also had John Lassester (animator, film director and the chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios) talking about kids coming to meet their Cars “friends” they’ve come to know.
  • Larry The Cable Guy was host of this “Cars network TV première“. At different commercial breaks, Larry would come on and tell more about the different aspects of this new 12-acre section of California Adventureland.

Do you realize this is a play ripped straight from Walt Disney’s content marketing playbook! (Click here to read the previous post I wrote about Walt’s use of content marketing called “How Walt Disney Used Content Marketing To Launch And Finance Disneyland.”).

Disney showed the movie on Saturday, because they knew that kids (and adults) who saw the movie would want, more than ever, to go to Carsland.

It was also an acceptable way for them to promote the grand opening of Carsland on ABC without looking like they were blatantly doing that!

Two Content Marketing Lessons To Learn From Their Example:

1. Create additional products off of your original ones.

This is really important and often overlooked. Here are some examples of how you can do this:

  • You can create “sequels” of your original products or services.
  • You can create an “experience” based off of the themes of your content.
  • You can create content based off of the “experiences” you sell.
  • Create a service based off of one of your products.
  • Create a product that ties into one of your services.
  • You can create an audio version of your book, a video version of your audio product, etc.

One example is that a chiropractor could create a book to help patients with bad backs know how to protect their back. The chiropractor could sell it or give it away to patients or prospects.

For content marketers, the key idea is to think of how to continue to create content you can sell (or giveaway) to promote whatever else you are selling. (I have a confession. I need to do a better job at creating additional products myself!)

2. Once you create the new product from your original one, use the original product to promote new one.

Use your products and services to promote each other. One example is an author giving away a book for free for anyone who buys the audio program version of the book.

Any Other Ideas?

That’s it for now. If you have any ideas on how else this could be applied to business owners or content marketers, then email me or comment below.

And, if you want to see more about Carsland, then check out this video. (It looks pretty cool. I want to go there!.. with my kids of course.)