disciplined content marketing strategy

When it comes to content marketing, if you can choose between creative and consistent – choose the latter. Just as the tortoise beat the hair, so too the consistent will always outperform the creative in terms of long-term return-on-investment. Today, let’s talk about three reasons why that happens.

The Problem With One Hit Wonders

In a noisy, short attention span world, home runs are too easily and quickly forgotten. Sure they get the crowd on their feet, but the batter is going to strike out more than he gets on.

Don’t be a one hit wonder. Long-term success in any content marketing endeavor is based on consistently delivering great, helpful content that people will consume over and over and over. I’m talking about content that the audience looks forward to and will stand in line on release day to consume.

Out of Sight is Out of Mind

If you’re not standing in front of your audience, someone else is. And today, there is no shortage of people or competitors wanting your place in your prospects’ inbox.

Don’t give your audience time to forget about you. Instead, be the person or organization they can count on to consistently deliver new, informative, helpful content that enriches their world, makes them more valuable to themselves or organization or just rewards them for their attention.

Because if you don’t, I promise you — someone else will.

Discipline Precedes Habit

Habit is the child of discipline. Discipline is doing something you may not really want to do in order to create something you love. Champions become champions by maintaining a discipline until it becomes a habit…a daily routine in their lives.

Working out every day may be a habit. But discipline is what makes you get out of bed at 5am to actually work out. You can’t have the habit without the discipline to create and then maintain the habit. So focus on the discipline and the habit takes care of itself.

Creating Effective Content Marketing

There is no one, single recipe for creating effective content marketing. And every recipe surely includes more than just a healthy dose of discipline. BUT, regardless of which recipe you choose, if you don’t have the discipline to make the content regularly, well, you might as well not make it at all in my opinion.