dreamstime xs 28939594The first of the Baby Boomers turns 70 on January 1st, 2016. And their generation is still exerting massive influence on how marketers market. Well, this post isn’t about them. It’s about the youngest digital natives. And the reality is that most organizations are failing when it comes to reaching the youngest consumers.

The key to success with this cohort is creating an overall positive experience through multiple layers of content. After all, the younger generation is not reading like our grandfathers used to. But that’s OK because content is much more than words alone. The rise of interactive technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, have opened the gates of content to younger consumers on the very devices they can’t live without. Last month, 71 percent of all 18 to 34 year-olds in the US watched online video content using a laptop, smart phone, tablet, or internet-ready TV, according to Mintel research.

Digital natives have more ways than ever to engage with content and brands. And this engagement is not just happening during social shares. It’s happening as they interact with layers of rich text, video and audio – all creating a perfect storm to deliver an unforgettable experience for the user.

According to research from NewVoiceMedia, the power of the digital native continues to grow. Why? Here’s the deal: a good portion of this group will take significant action if their experience is not a positive one.  In fact, a third (34%) of these consumers will take their revenge online following inadequate customer service; spreading the complaint across their network and beyond. So be careful! Be really careful – because in today’s digital age, customer complaints can’t be kept quiet.

Digital natives respond to personalized and consistently engaging experiences. And your content should accomplish this at every touch point. After all, according to NewMediaVoice’s study, seventy percent of respondents said that good service had a considerable influence on their loyalty and 69 percent would recommend the company to others. Half would use the business more frequently and 42 percent are prepared to spend more money with them.

In the words of NCR’s VP for global marketing Susan Somersille Johnson, “Every experience will be an opportunity to have one member of Generation Z amplify your message to thousands. But every experience will also be an opportunity to turn them off to your brand if you don’t connect.”

Now, more than ever, content marketers need to hone in on the overall multimedia experience that draws in the younger consumer. But to do it right, marketers have to first get inside the minds of this generation to understand the psychology behind major purchasing decisions. Was it a single blog post that influenced their buying? Was it a video from a social media share that linked to an article? And most importantly, what online experiences will drive the greatest results to achieve brand loyalty? Knowing the answers can mean the difference between ultimate success and abysmal failure.