This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy shares some ways for you to curate content to keep you connected and to share with your audience by way of some social media tools.

One of the more popular options seen a lot on Twitter is This is a platform that allows you to create your own daily newspaper, not only sharing the information you are looking for but allowing you to publish it to your followers and highlight those tweeters who have been listed in the edition. You can design the content to be found through hashtag conversations, specific search terms, or even social accounts who share relevant information, and then all those sources will come together in one publication of niche information. It’s a great tool for finding that information quickly and easily, but before auto-publishing the newsletter to your community, test out whether the links do better on their own rather than as a part of a bulk delivery. Some followers find the newsletters to be more spammy than helpful.

Another option in terms of publishing your own niche magazine is Storify. It has quite a few more options in terms of curating across social platforms including YouTube and Facebook, and you get to tailor the publication with the exact articles you would like to share and how they are laid out, as opposed to’s auto drafting.

If you’re not really looking to curate content in terms of publishing newsletters as you are with staying up-to-date on news and happenings in your industry, Google Alerts is also a really great way to go. You can tailor your alerts to let you know as you prefer about any activity that gets picked up by the massive search engine, giving you an opportunity of seeing news that may not have even been passed through social media channels yet.

Have any other fun tools to help curate content? Share them in the comments below!

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