Curating content is the next major trend on the web. As the cost to produce great content drops dramatically the amount of content online grows exponentially. What does this mean? Well it means there is way too much content online and quality content can get lost in the noise. As a small business you can leverage this abundance of content to promote your business and improve your website.

Prove it? Look at Pinterest and Chill. Both of these sites offer fabulous examples of content curation in action. Old school examples such as Reddit and Digg also highlight the power of curating content. Curating content = Winning!

So you’re probably asking yourself, ok but I’m a small business how can I leverage content curation to improve my online marketing efforts?

Great question!
Here are 5 ways small businesses can leverage content curation to succeed:

1. Collect, embed, and promote relevant videos in your space.

If you are an accountant you can collect videos about the fundamentals of accounting and how-to videos from Quicken or the IRS. With a few days of work you can have an amazing library to offer website visitors. Remember there are a ton of sites that let you embed their videos. Start with Vimeo and YouTube and go from there.

PRO TIP: To get some SEO juice transcribe all the videos. You can get this done with Also I recommend writing a 500-word original post to accompany the video. This post highlight why your visitors should watch the video.

2. Push out relevant content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Go out and find 100 pieces of awesome content. Store it on a Google doc. This content can be made up of blog posts, videos, infographics etc. Then use a tool like HootSuite to schedule and push out all this valuable content to your fans. Social networks are a great example curated content. Your Facebook Feed is basically curated content from your friends. Don’t just post pointless stuff on your social networks. Post remarkable content to your small business accounts and your fan base will grow.

PRO TIP: Make sure you have matching accounts on all these social networks. If your site is then all the social network profiles should be “MarkCPA”.

BONUS TIP: Setup your LinkedIn Page for your business. This provides additional SEO juice.

3. Make a book list.

By collecting, designing, and adding a comprehensive book list to your site you are providing value to your visitors. Spend time and make the list BIG! Get over 100 books at least. If your niche warrants you can promote other products as well. If you use Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program, it can also serve as another revenue stream for your small business.

4. Create a resources page on your blog or website

By this point you should have collected and organized a ton of relevant content. Now take ALL this content and put it on one page. Just use basic links. This resources page is now a massive well organized page of relevant and helpful links. Now users can come to your site and instantly find additional helpful content. Pages like this can get linked to other sites which will help with SEO.

PRO TIP: You can greatly enhance the power of curating content by adding your own original content. Write original blog posts, create original slide presentations, produce quality YouTube videos, and spend some money to get a nice infographic created. For your niche video library add your own quality videos to the library. This allows you to connect with your audience. The audience hears your voice and sees your face. Do not underestimate the power of your face in front of your audience. Usually your first sales are from people you know. If someone watches your video, they feel like they know you and are much more likely to buy from you. I recommend using ScreenFlow and Keynote to make HD quality videos.

The next major trend on the web is curating content so why not join the party?