lightbulbThere’s something really appealing about hiring a creative agency like Wieden + Kennedy to design your product packaging, write a brilliant ad campaign, and create a gorgeous app that engages customers with your brand.

There’s also something really expensive about all that. Hiring the top creative advertising talent out there can cost upwards of $750/hr. (Of course, we’re talking crème de la crème with those figures.) In some situations, however, a creative agency might be just the ticket. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of creative agency v. writing service.

Creativity Must Be Data-Powered

“Is the creative agency becoming a point solution?” That’s the question Zach Rodgers is asking after this summer’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Rodgers believes creative agencies “could be demoted from the hub of a client’s marketing strategy to a spoke,” as the availability and implementation of marketing data becomes more prevalent.

So what type of content service do you turn to for getting the most data-bang for your buck? It depends…

Creative Agency: While some creative agencies will provide market research and guidance, many exist to execute the creative side of whatever your CMO has in mind.

Writing Service: When it comes to writing agencies, the services can be all over the map. Many writing agencies provide their own in-house SEO consultant or take third-party SEO information directly from the client.

Full-Fledged Campaign v. Content

If you’re in need of a full-fledged marketing campaign that includes design, copy, and tech components, then a creative agency might be right for you. If you only need strong content and are willing to provide your own platform (blog, email marketing, social, etc.), then a writing agency will probably fit the bill a much more affordable bill.

Creative Agency: A creative agency can handle everything you could possibly need for your campaign in-house.

Writing Service: Pairing a writing service with other services (e.g. SEO, analytics, etc.) can save you a huge amount of money; you just have to be willing to outsource – or better yet, insource – other facets of the project.

Turnaround Times

Time is money and turnaround time is everything. We get it. Here’s how it can break down…

Creative Agency: Creative agencies handle projects with multiple components (art, copy, user experience, production, etc.). As such, turnaround can range from weeks to months.

Writing Service: A scalable writing service can provide remarkably short turnaround times on projects. At Content Equals Money, for example, we’re able to boast 2-3 day turnaround (or less) on most projects.

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