Don’t miss these creative digital marketing ideas!

Beyond blog posts and social media updates, there are new ways for your business to be showcase itself in front of an audience. Many brands are steering away from a more traditional model of product placement and inserting themselves into consumers’ minds through content marketing. Here are 4 ways to get your brand in front of an audience by using innovative digital content.

Creative Content Marketing: 4 Types of Digital Content

1. Film

Including your brand in videos subtly inserted as product placement is now a thing of the past. Major brands like LEGO are proving that creating your own content is the way to win your audience. Feature-length films about your brand may be hard for many business-owners to create, so start by creating videos and sharing them on your social media channels.

2. Print and Audio Books

A new idea in the world of content marketing is getting your brand into print media, whether online or hard copy. For example, Sweet n Low managed to get its brand mentioned in a new romance novel, placing it in front of thousands of readers.

3. Media Mentions

You worked hard for your media coverage, so go ahead and brag about it! Share any recent online or print mentions via your social media channels and add them to your website so your customers can share in your win. Plus, sharing your success will give you more credibility in your industry.

4. Predictions

Are you predicting the next trend in your field? Do you feel like a current marketing strategy is waning? Post about it! Create a blog post or a news release with your predictions for your industry. This will give you a leg up with the competition, making you an opinion leader in the field and the first to go to when customers are seeking information.

Creating digital content is a great way to insert your brand into the current conversations online.