Google is changing the rules all the time. In the past couple of years we’ve experienced major changes which have altered the playing field. It all started with Google Panda and Google Penguin. Now we have Google Hummingbird.

The shift towards social media and quality content is obvious. As a business, you need to adapt to this. You have to provide users with useful content which is going to keep bringing them back to your website.

Whether it’s social media promotion or a blog-centric marketing campaign, great content drives things forward.

Begin a Meeting

You’ll have a team of people responsible for your digital presence. It’s important for this team to have a formal meeting. They have to collectively decide where the company is going to go in relation to its image. It’s essential for them to decide what they’re going to write about and when.
Structure enables you to determine how much time you need and what your goals are.

Sources and Back-Ups 

What separates a sub-standard article submitted to an article directory and an article on a blog with a few thousand newsletter readers? One has sources to reinforce what its saying and the other doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter if you know all the content off the top of your head. Your readers don’t know this. They want to know they’re reading something which has taken a lot of effort to pull off. The random ramblings of a writer published every so often isn’t exactly the definition of quality.

Compile a list of quality websites relevant to your industry. You can save them for the future. Content marketplaces also work in the same way. A writer for ContentRunner spoke about the benefits of a content marketplace in a recent blog.

Your Stable of Writers 

Your writers should develop their own tones and personalities. If you removed the author names from the articles on your site, your readers should be able to tell who wrote what with some deal of accuracy.

Make your writers loveable. Nobody subscribes to a single piece of content. They come to identify with the person writing it. They follow what the writer is up to. Personality is important. You have to stand out in an increasingly competitive world.

Social Media Comes First 

Social media should play a prominent part in any article you write. 189 million Facebook users only access the social media network from their mobile devices. This means the chances are they don’t have time to browse your website unless something catches their eye.

By not promoting via social media, you’re missing out on an entire audience across multiple demographics.

Implement a call to action at the bottom of every blog. Instead of persuading someone to buy this or that, ask them to ‘follow’ you on social media. This will have a higher success rate and they’ll be more likely to buy something later on because they’ll be exposed to more of your content.

And if you need any more convincing, bear in mind 93 per cent of professional marketers use social media in their strategies.

You have to think ahead and focus on the long-term. By passing on a sale to one customer now, you’re potentially allowing ten customers to make a purchase at a later date.