There’s an old saying that if your product is good it will sell itself. However, as anyone who has ever worked as a business writer will tell you, that simply isn’t true. Nothing sells itself, and behind every massively popular product is an amazingly written sales copy. After all, it’s this writing that creates a connection to people, customers, and your product or service.

Sure images are good and videos can be a fantastic contributor to a marketing campaign, but when it comes down to it the words you use are what makes or breaks your sales efforts. With that in mind here are some great tips to help you start writing sales copy that could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Make Your Headline Stand Out

The title of your copy is obviously the first thing people will look at, so you need to make sure that it stands out. You can generally accomplish this by focusing on two key aspects. The first of these is making sure that you don’t let it get too long. Long titles tend to make the readers feel bored or overwhelmed, and if they’re feeling that way before they even get to the body of your article, then there’s little chance that they’ll continue reading.

The second key aspect is to try and focus on one main aspect or idea for your title. Sure your product probably has several important features that you might want to emphasize, but you’ll get to all of that in the body so just keep your title focused on one.

Compare and Contrast

Once you’ve started writing about your product features, it’s the perfect opportunity to sprinkle in some knowledge about how your product stacks up against other similar products. While listing off the benefits of your product is a great and necessary attribute in writing sales copy, it’s also important to show how it improves on the already existing features out there.

If you just stick to saying that your product has good attributes, the reader might look at that and think that the good attributes of other similar products, which might be cheaper or more widely available, are just as good. This is your opportunity to do a direct or even indirect comparison with the standards set by other products and show (preferably using numbers, because people love to look at quantifiable data) how yours is better.

Use Stories

You don’t have to find a way to insert Hansel and Gretel into the middle of your sales copy, but using stories can be an extremely effective technique to creating good content. What you’re looking to do here is naturally include analogies or real life issues when talking about your product’s features and benefits. Help the reader to understand exactly how the qualities of your product can make their lives better.