creating content

Let’s be honest: There’s so much content out there on the internet right now that it’s hard to get noticed. If you’re creating content for your brand, this can be pretty discouraging. How many times have you posted a blog or a video, only to watch with dismay as the view count slowly ticks over to one, then two, then…stops.

It’s true that content has saturated the internet. There’s always room for more, but people see so much during the day that it’s hard to grab their attention anymore. Brands have to resort to doing something crazy—like sending chicken into space to cook it—in order to get attention.

So, let’s address the issue. Is it time to stop creating content? Well, no. You just have to figure out how to reach your buyers through the constant noise. Thinking outside the box is a great option, but first, let’s just go back to the basics.

What Are You Selling?

Before you can stand out from the crowd, you have to know what makes you different from that crowd. What’s your Unique Value Proposition? Why would buyers want to work with you over any other similar brand?

Using your UVP in your content is a great way to reach the people who need your exact expertise. Whether you provide the luxury option, the affordable option, the fun option… All that matters is that your audience knows what they’ll get if they buy from you.

Who Are Your Buyers?

Are you creating content that you hope will go viral, or are you creating content that you hope will help your buyers? If you’re only focused on the number of views you’ll get, then you aren’t thinking about the people who really do need what you’re selling.

Instead of focusing on the thousands of people who might be amused for a moment by your blog or video but will never make a purchase, instead think about your target audience—the people who have pain points you could be solving with your content. Why wouldn’t you reach out to only those people instead of wasting your energy, time, and money trying to get content in front of people who aren’t your buyers?

Now, Let’s Get Crazy

Once you know your UVP and your buyer personas, then it’s okay to get a little crazy. Just make sure the crazy content you’re creating to get noticed is specifically created to get noticed by your buyers. Who knows? Maybe your buyers need to see some chicken launched into space.

The whole point is, content is how you connect with your buyers. It’s how you continue to inform and educate them about your products and services. You have to have it; you just do. But you also have to make sure it’s the right content for your buyers or there’s no point in creating it. If you’re not planning your content marketing strategy with your buyers in mind, then you’re just contributing to all the noise.