Content Marketing MascotWhen evaluating your success in business, it is an excellent idea to use a checklist to determine where you and your business fall on the success scale. No doubt, you are gathering metrics. A checklist is another valuable tool.

When evaluating your content marketing efforts, there is a good chance that you have been gathering metrics all along from your social media activities. However, it is very important to evaluate your content marketing efforts from the big picture perspective.

Asking appropriate questions

Not to overstate the obvious but if you want answers, you need to ask questions. In fact, if you want the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. It is very important for you to do your homework before you approach anyone about anything. Your obtaining answers will help you to hone in on the areas of your content marketing strategy that are strong and the areas that are weaker. It will be beneficial if you concentrate on the following areas.

  • Consistency: You need to take a hard look at your marketing strategy and figure out if you have been appropriately consistent and persistent. If your content marketing strategy is strong and successful, it will project an image of professionalism, familiarity and security. One of the factors that you should be examining is your consistency with sharing content in order to bring in new prospects as well as retaining already-existing clients. The tools of consistency are and editorial calendar and your effort in keeping your calendar current.
  • Style: Are you able to engage your target audience? It all depends on your success at providing useful, appropriate and relevant information in an educational manner. It is essential that you present a compelling story to your target audience. It is not always easy to establish a style in the beginning. Sometimes, it happens later on.
  • Relevance: Is your content marketing communicating the right message to your audience? You may want to evaluate your content’s power to solve other people’s problems and accomplish its most important goals. A good way to determine this is by looking at the personas that you have created and comparing them to your metrics categories (retweets, comments, “likes,” referrals, etc).
  • Efficiency: Do you have an efficient process for gathering ideas for your content? If you are efficient, you won’t get frustrated, tense or burn out. If you are efficient, you will successfully choose topics, produce, edit and delegate responsibility. Indications that you are not efficient are issues with meeting deadlines, many iterations of content and bad reactions to what you are doing from other people.
  • Your level of influence: Are you a person of influence? It is easy enough to gather metrics of your individual projects but sometimes it is more difficult to measure the overall impact of influence. If you are influential, you will see increased success in your business from month to month.
  • Your business’s ultimate goals: Does your content marketing strategy lead to successful long-term goals? Your marketing strategy needs to support both short- and long-term goals. If you concentrate too much on deadlines for individual projects, you may not realize your long-term goals. Both are extremely important.
  • Challenging content: It is critical to keep your content fresh and exciting at all times. There is nothing worse than stale, boring content. If you are predictable when it comes to your content, people will not want to read what you are sharing and will walk away and go to someone else.

It is easy to gather the information discussed here. Once you have gathered the information, you need analyze it and put it to work. You should consider the next phase the one where you request feedback. This will help you tremendously to improve upon what you have.


It is critical to your success that you look closely at your content marketing and determine if it is working for your business. A checklist is an excellent and very effective tool of which you should take full advantage. Offer great content and optimize it properly. The more information you have at your fingertips, the more effective your offerings will be to other people and the more successful you and your business will become. You can gather wonderful ideas for content from many different places. All you need to do is to find them.

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