Would you rather learn about a company by watching a fun video that shows off their best bits, or read about them in a long paragraph of boring text? Lets face facts, the power of visual communication is hard to ignore

Not only is video one of the best ways to engage with your audience but it’s the perfect way to help your business rise to the top. Here’s some great tips to help you on the way to success…

1. Choose your video type

When it comes to the type of video, you shouldn’t pigeonhole things. There’s a lot to think about and using video to convince people that you are the expert can be achieved in a number of different ways…

Explainer/tutorial Video

This type of video is a simple way to explain to your audience how to do something. Its perfect for showcasing your brand new mobile app, or demonstrating how to use your website.

Animated Video

Animated videos are a creative way to introduce your brand and let people know what you’re all about. With an animated video, it’s more about telling the story from the customers point of view using illustrations, and showing them how you can help them.

Product Video

Product videos are great for Ecommerce stores as you can make a mini video with each product, so that the customer can click onto it before they buy to see if it’s right for them. For more about product videos, see our previous blog: Why product videos work for Ecommerce sites

Webinar Video

Organising a webinar is a great way for an audience to really get to know the face behind the brand. You can invite customers to join in and ask you questions so that you can help them with any queries they may have. The webinar can then be saved and be viewed time and time again for any customers that may have missed it.

2. Think about your script

As a crucial step in convincing people of your expertise, the script is essentially your plan for what is going to happen in the video. Firstly you need to do plenty of research and find out everything you need to know about you audience, so that you can speak in their language. Once you’ve got that out the way, then you can start to think about the story that you want to tell.

Animated videos are perfect for storytelling as you can be really creative in the graphics you have in your video. Start thinking about the problems your customers face and put those points at the beginning of your script. Then to really impress your audience, show how you tackle these points head on!

When it comes to planning an app, web or product video, it’s best to focus on showing off some of the best features of your product and how that benefits your customer. Make sure you think of your explainer video as the hook rather than the manual so that you don’t litter it with too much information.

Alternatively, if you decide to create a live webinar then the script will be harder to create. Instead, think about researching your most FAQ’s as they’re bound to come up, and that way, you’ll be more prepared during your live chat.

Finally when it comes to ANY script, make sure you consider your call to action. This is so important to the success of your video as it tells your customer what they need to do next. Should they call you? Should the share the video? Should they sign up for your emails? Be clear with your CTA.

3. Call in the Pro’s

So now is the time to create your video and unless you have a plethora of hidden talents under your belt including: copywriting, voiceover, illustrator, photoshop and after effects skills, then you should really hire a professional to help you. We make it really affordable for businesses to get a high quality video, and if you don’t believe us – check out our examples!

4. Share, share, share!

So there’s no point in having an awesome video if you’re not going to do anything with it! This is where all of your hard work pays off as you begin to share it any which way you can. Start by putting your video on your blog so that when you share elsewhere, you can link it back to your website.

The next step would be to publish it on your social channels. Don’t just go with the same rule for every social site. For Facebook and Google+, think about creating a discussion and getting people to share it, when posting on Twitter, ask for feedback and hashtag it to a relevant topic. If you’re posting it on YouTube, make sure you give it a good description and tag it correctly.

So there you have it, our top tips on creating a video to convince people of how awesome you really are! If you believe in what you do, the rest will follow.

Takeaway Points

  • Always consider and respect your audience
  • Think about how your product benefits your customer
  • Choose the right type of video to suit your business
  • Convey professionalism throughout
  • Include a killer CTA
  • Share on your social channels