create compelling content by creating value

The age of “content is king” is fully upon us, and the question for modern marketers is no longer how to meet their content production quota each week, but how to create more engaging content every time.

We’re moving toward quality over quantity, and that’s a good thing – we’re all already drowning in the 92,000 new articles published online every day. Creating more engaging content is a worthy goal for content marketers, but how exactly do we do that?

It comes down to providing more value for customers. That value can come in many different forms — it might be unique and timely information they can’t get anywhere else (like an analyst report or benchmarking study); it might be a personality assessment that helps them compare their performance to others in their industry; or it could be a pricing calculator that offers a personalized outcome that helps them make an informed purchase decision.

It could even be as simple as something that’s enjoyable to consume — a video or infographic, or an interactive game.

But you also don’t want to neglect the experience around the content you’re offering. Is there an obvious connection from the content to a related offer to learn more? Is the content clearly tied to your prospect’s stage in their buying journey? Is your content well-organized and easy to navigate?

Make the value exchange clear

When you lose a buyer at some point in the funnel, you can usually trace it to a lack of faith in the value in taking the next step. When it comes to content, “value” for B2B buyers usually comes in the form of helping them solve a problem or answer a question particular to their unique buying journey.

Your most compelling content will give your prospect something they really want, whether in the form of personalized assessments, industry insights, or whatever else your buyer cares about. According to The Economist Group, 60% of buyers want content that “helps me understand a complex issue in simple terms.” How does your content help your prospect distill key information into what’s most important for them?

Once you’ve established that your content provides value, make sure you tell your prospect there’s value on the other side of the click. That means something more than “Download Now” or “Read More” — the most compelling CTAs bring value front and center, in the form of “Get Your Result” or “Find Out How You Stack Up.”