How To Create Irresistible Sales Collateral

Let’s face it. Your sales collateral kind of sucks. It’s not your fault you’re not a content writer or a designer, and Marketing can’t get you the stuff you need fast enough.

So you create your own content that addresses your prospects’ specific questions and pain points because your marketing materials don’t do that.

And you go through this several times, because as your prospects get closer to buying, they have new questions and objections that you need to speak to. So you have to cobble together more content and dash it off.

It’s incredibly personalized, but it’s also a hot mess.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own designer who could create customized content right when you need it, for each prospect throughout the buying process?

High-Performing Sales Collateral

Actually, with a bit of planning, you can deliver high-performing collateral that’s tailored to your prospect’s questions and pain points, at every point along the buying process. You just need to think ahead and anticipate their needs.

Not only that, but you can use that collateral in ways you’ve never dreamed of to win more sales with less effort. I’ll walk you through it.

Let’s create content you can actually use.

How to Create Better Sales Collateral

The key to great sales content is understanding your buyer’s journey and mapping all of your content to it. Work with the Marketing team to generate the right sales materials that speak to the actual pain points your prospects are experiencing along each stage of the journey.

By mapping all of your collateral to the buyer’s journey ahead of time, you’ll leverage the Marketing team’s skills for exceptional design and polish, without relying on them for just-in-time delivery.

And chances are, you’ll need to create a lot of content. Each of your personas will have different needs and concerns as they go through the buyer’s journey. So you’ll have to consider every question and every pain point that each of your personas will have at every step of the journey.

Now the content offers become invaluable because they address the exact needs of your prospects. You’re providing tailored content that speaks specifically to them, without sounding like generic marketing materials. It’ll make your prospect feel like your company gets them and that you as their sales rep understand them. You’ve become a trusted source of reliable, helpful information.

Get the Most Out of Your Materials

Okay, so you’ve got amazing collateral that your prospects are excited about. But what if you could know exactly when someone reads your collateral—and how much of it they read? Imagine how that knowledge could fuel your next conversation with that prospect.

HubSpot’s Documents tool lets you build a library of collateral that you can send to your prospects. The tool tracks the shares, total visits, time viewed, and scrolling—to give you a wealth of information about what collateral has been viewed.

The Documents tool can notify you as soon as something is opened, so you can follow up with a prospect at just the right moment. No more worries about waiting too long and losing them to the competition! And because you’ll know how much they’ve read, you don’t have to worry about repeating information they’ve already learned. Your conversation can be as customized for your prospect as the collateral you’ve sent them.

Your sales collateral doesn’t have to suck anymore. Armed with HubSpot tools and your buyer’s journey, you can hit your prospects with exactly the right content at exactly the right moment—and close more deals than ever!